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Lets make changes against WBA

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Spurs away is a Sunday we can all forget.  Lets be honest, this was by far our worst performance this season and Spurs were on the top of their game.  Even though I hate to say it, I reckon they have a really good chance of making the top 4.  They pressured very well and put our defences under a lot of pressure which we don’t like playing against, as we have made the most defence errors so far this season and made two again on Sunday. We need to cut this out of our game in my opinion, but at the same time I understand why we are making them as we are playing much better football so far this year.


We had some horrible performances from a few players on Sunday, but I would struggle to tell you who had a good performance, apart from Reid, maybe Kouyate and Sakho at times.  Lanzini scored a great goal and also showed some flashes of a real player and maybe a good replacement for Payet for the next three months.  They always say you learn more about the team when you lose than when you win and I really believe this is true against Spurs and we maybe learnt that three in the heart of midfield may have paid off.  At the same time I think the idea was to play Carroll and to get balls into the box, as Giroud and Arsenal did it very well a few weeks before.

Everyone was gutted with the performance, from the board to the players and manger!  We all know for the fans it’s a huge game, which Bilic did say in his interview after.  I really liked how Bilic was so honest in his interview and took credit for the loss, which I have massive respect for.  He spoke to my Dad on Monday and they both agree 1 point from the last 3 games just wasn’t good enough.  He had some idea on how to change it and I’m sure he will! Viva Bilic!!!

 I am really loooking forward to the West Brom game too, although it is not going to be an easy game.  They are a very hard team to break down, especially away from home.  For we should win it though.   I would make a few changes, maybe bring in Ogbonna and move Sakho up front,  Our next six games are all winnable! I really hope we can hold our position and I really believe that we can!! 


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