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Well what a frustrating game that was.  We totally dominated the first half and really should have been about 3-0 up.  Some of the football that Lanzini and Zarate were playing was beautiful to watch with lovely flicks and successful dribbling. 

 Sakho was playing superbly too and his running into the channels and his brilliant hold up play really showed us why he has to be our number one forward.   The injury he suffered is a massive worry.  Having looked at it I cant help but feel he will be out for at least a month with that injury but lets hope it isn’t the case.  The West Ham Way partner Jack Sullivan has promised to try and bring our readers the injury news as soon as he has it. 

I thought that Ogbonna looked solid and played well.  He has pace and it is good that he is left footed too.  He won a number of battles in the air.  I thought Obiang looked composed and played some nice passes during the time he was on the pitch and I felt the substitution to bring Carroll on for him was bizarre.  We were playing well and after he went off, obviously due to lack of match fitness, we lost all structure and we drifted out of the game.  I would have brought Song on or even Cullen so that we kept that shape.   It seemed like the forwards and wingers didn’t know what they were meant to be doing or where they should be after that.  


If it wasn’t for an amazing save from Adrian we really could have lost that game.   For me I would make at least two changes to that starting 11 for the Manchester United game.  I would take out Jenkinson who seems to be really lacking in confidence and form at the moment and put Tomkins at right back.  I would also take out Moses who I think hasn’t been on his game recently and give Antonio a chance.   With Sakho likely to be out for the Manchester United game, I am really unsure what is best to do in his absence.  The obvious decision would be to put Carroll in again but he really hasn’t performed this year.   You could give Jelavic a chance to start a game which he hasn’t done yet and has already been written off by most fans, or play Zarate or even Moses up top.  It’s a sad state of affairs that our 15m forward isn’t the obvious choice but unfortunately I am not sure whether he can ever fit into our new system.  Perhaps he needs more game time?  It really is a tough one to call!  I think what is obvious now is that we need another forward in January which I didn’t think I would say. 

We are also very keen on a right back because Jenkinson has been massively off form and Arsenal will not sell him to us anyway.  In my last column I mentioned some of the targets and during the week we brought you the news that D’ambrosio of Inter is now a potential signing too, we had been linked with him in the past but I am not sure whether there is anything concrete here.  What is true is that we will not have any money to spend without players moving on so it is likely to be a loan move from abroad.  

Well done to the ladies team who won 2-0 at Plymouth this week with a forward promoted from the youth team grabbing both goals.  Marc Nurse, the manager will be writing on this during the week.  We have some excited columns coming during the week with both Jack and Dave Sullivan writing revealing and interesting pieces.  Kenny Brown has been at the match today and on the pitch at half time and he will be telling us all about the day.   We will also hopefully get Matthew Etherington’s first piece this week as well and it should contain some interesting information from his time at the club.  Please make sure you look out for another promotion that we are running and this is a really exciting one thanks to Jack Sullivan. 

Congratulations to Uber West Ham who won our promotion with the Ribman.  He was the lucky winner of a free rib burger and a Holy FucK sauce which he described as “making his eyes water” when he tried it at home.  This promotion will run with The Ribman every home game but we are withdrawing the 50th person to say the website element.   There will be a random and unknown number each week.   So make sure you visit him and mention the site and you could win at the next home game!

I hope you are enjoying the website any feedback would be greatly received.  COYI


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