What is the obsession with Ravel Morrison?!

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another rant from the caretaker. I will summarise the last couple of games at the end of this article but I want to get straight to the point and get my rant going, which today is about Mr Ravel Morrison. Less than six months into his Lazio playing career and after a disastrous spell (Three sub appearances in the league) it looks like he will be sold/released come January as once again, he is failing to tow the line.

That is fine, I have no issue with what he gets up to these days, but I cannot believe that I am reading, and hearing a vast amount of people almost praying that we re-sign him! The same Morrison who, despite what he tweets, didn’t give a $hit about the club when he was here. The same Morrison who couldn’t even get a game at Cardiff last year. The same Morrison who Harry Redknapp (famous for getting good shifts out of trouble makers) dropped for the playoff final after he sulked at being subbed, amongst other issues.


I watched every minute Ravel Morrison played in a West Ham shirt and he did provide some excellent moments, his world class goal against spurs will long live in the memory for most fans. His vision, passing and silky skills were almost too easy for him at times. But those moments were far outweighed by constant discipline issues, training ground bust ups and the famous Christmas incident when he just didn’t bother to come back to London and declared himself injured. In at least half the games he played (and I think I am being generous) he offered absolutely nothing when the chips were down, petulantly insisting on trying to turn it into the Ravel show before he would get subbed after yet another failed attempt at being his marker.

Blame Sam Allardyce, that was the common line rolled out by his fans, as Allardyce couldn’t handle big players…….WRONG! Anelka, who is as big as they come when it comes to troubled footballers played some of his best football under Allardyce at Bolton and hardly put a foot wrong. Campo, Hierro, Djorkaeff, Okocha. Just some more examples of big stars Allardyce managed superbly at Bolton. Blame Sam for a lot of things, but blaming him for Morrison’s downfall is wrong and above all lazy.

The greatest British manager of all time declared him unmanageable and that is as good a character reference as you need (Sir Alex Ferguson). At one point or another he has fallen out with every manager at every club he has been at, yet some of you are still desperate to have him back, WHY? Please tell me why, please tell me what Ravel Morrison actually did for West Ham. Bilic got rid of Amalfitano after he played up so what chance would Morrison have, who despite somehow earning a move to a club like Lazio he has still not taken his opportunity.


It would be a fool who denies Morrison’s ability but that will only get you so far in football, look at how Paul Pogba’s career has panned out compared to Ravel’s. The way some people are shamelessly calling for his return is absolute nonsense and I can only assume they play too much Football Manager or Fifa. Think I am wrong, tweet me @caretaker_rants and tell me why.

Back to the club and what a disappointing week it has been. The way Spurs almost tossed us aside was humiliating and we desperately needed to bounce back against West Brom. The second half was woeful and the home performances really have to start picking up. With the news that Sakho may be out for months rather than weeks, being reported by ExWHUEmployee on the site, it is worrying as to where the goals will come from. Andy Carroll looks like he has forgotten how to perform and Jelavic almost seems like he has got the move on the back of a friendship with Bilic. Given that Carroll would still be able to fetch us £10M what would you guys do? Sell him and get someone else in or persist with him? Drop me a tweet and let me know. Have a good week guys


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