What does Jarvis' sale mean for the January Transfer Window?

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Yet another draw and I cannot help but feel disappointed with that result. Let’s be honest Villa are dreadful and are clearly the worse team in the league and if we are looking to finish in top 8 or so we have to beat teams like that.   It wasn’t a very good performance.  

We do have to put it into perspective that it is an away point which you can never be too angry with and that is even more notable when you consider the injuries.  We have arguably all of our best players out injured now and if you throw Tomkins (who must be a doubt for Southampton) and Cresswell who must be even more of a doubt we really are depleted.  There is talk that Lanzini and Carroll will be back for Southampton but considering that is in two days there must be some uncertainty with this too!! We really need these injured players back.  

I thought Valencia worked hard and played well today but again wasn’t much of a goal threat.  This could be said for pretty much all of our forwards since Payet has been injured.  This highlights two things that perhaps Carroll and Jelavic are not as bad as people like to make out and also how crucial Payet is to the team.  Since his injury we really have struggled for goals and creativity and we need him back so crucially.  Take Lanzini and Moses out of the attacking equation too it is no wonder these forwards have struggled.  I thought Adrian and Collins were the best players again.   I saw many people saying whenever Jenkinson plays we concede.  It is getting a bit ridiculous how much certain accounts have to ridicule players.  Yes he has been poor this season and probably the worst player but that goal was nothing to do with him.  It wasn’t his side, it was Ogbonna who was arguably fouled before and then shouldn’t have brought the defender down either.  Yet somehow this was linked back to Jenkinson, which is just boring and wrong.  

As I have been reporting all window we had been looking to sell on Jarvis but the £2.5m that we raised really doesn’t give us much transfer options.  The chairman believe that you cannot get real value in the January window and so are unlikely to spend any transfer funds, despite that fact we will be linked with every man and his dog over the January window.  The £2.5m will be better spent in the summer is the general consensus at board room level.  The club will try to loan a player in the window but will not pay over the odds to make this happen.  They believe that with Payet, Lanzini and Carroll are very close to returning and Moses and Reid not too far away, that because of this they do not need to go into the market.  Of course we also have Sakho to return but that isn’t too close at the moment.  It also doesn’t make much of a difference to the Financial Fair Play status because Jarvis’ salary was already off the bill for this season and so it hasn’t made the situation any better. If he had returned it would have been at the expense of Moses/Jenkinson’s salary being off the wage bill in the summer.   If the transfer situation changes we will let you know.  

We appear to be playing Southampton at just the wrong time as they have just hammered Arsenal but we have to hope this performance and with it being the late kick off, that they may be fatigued but it is really hard to predict these things.  


I was delighted that Mark Noble was awarded with a testimonial game in March.  It will be a great occasion and many ex heroes will take part.  Dean Ashton and Trevor Sinclair have put their names forward and Carlos Tevez and Di Canio will be approached.  It will be a team full of ex hammers to play with Mark such Sheringham, Zamora, Parker and many others.  

Make sure you tune in to the website this week because we will be finishing our Upton Park Memories competition and reporting on all the news.  Don’t forget to look at our forum as it has some good discussion and I am hoping my admin account will be sorted out soon so that I can take part.  The site is continuing to grow and hopefully improve and we hope to take you with us on our journey.  

All the best! COYI 


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