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What can we expect in January?

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Over the past week we have had two games, two games which were winnable. Yet at the same time four points isn’t a bad total, which puts us on 29 points at the half way stage. Two games in 48 hours can make a team tried, but we coped well . With the 29 points instead of looking down the table we start to look up again. 

 The Villa game we found very hard but like we did at Swansea we dug in hard and came away with another away point, with Cresswell scoring a great goal. Even though Villa were on top they still lacked a cutting edge and if the penalty wasn’t given, we would be on a really great 31 points.

The most important things while our ‘major’ player were out is that the squad kept picking up points. which over the last six games we have done as we are now six unbeaten! The point against Stoke now looks a very decent point when some of us may have been disappointed at the time.

Anyway I thought Adrian had a very good game at Villa along with Collins and of course the goal scorer Cresswell. With a very workmanlike performance which got us the away point.

Southampton, I thought we started brightly but their goal really hurt our confidence. Billic made some brave changes at half time that really did pay off! These changed the game for us, even if our first goal was a bit lucky.

If I’m honest with you luck this season has not really been on our side;so it was nice to get some. I was over the moon for Antonio and Carroll two players that both needed a goal! I think Lanzini really lifted the teams morale and also tempo of passing. Which really helped in our favour! With the two wingers Enner and Antonio playing much better. Enner’s ball in for the second goal was really quality. I still can’t get over his 90th minute run which would have finished the game off nicely for us. I thought the MOTM given to Antonio was well deserved, even though I thought Kouyate was our real star and someone who is always unnoticed but very very strong for us. 

This is my last column before January.  I don’t think we will sign anyone in the window. But we may get one! I think we are all planning for the summer for new signings.  I wish you all the best for the New Year and remember to keep reading The West Ham Way for the latest news and content. 


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