What is our best shirt ever?

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Ex gave me a mission to decide upon my all-time favourite West Ham shirts and it proved more difficult than I expected.  We have certainly had some unusual shirts over the years, two cream shirts particularly stand-out in my mind and having XL as our sponsors wasn’t the greatest look either.  

I managed to choose five shirts ranging from the early 90’s to the current day, but I have to say, had I have been born before 1985 I think there would definitely have been a few different ones listed, including the 1985-1987 home shirt.  

1991-1992 Away Shirt 

This was my first ever ‘official’ West Ham shirt.  Before this I think my parents had bought me a fake replica shirt, so I remember the excitement of going into the club shop portacabin at Upton Park and my Mum and Dad buying it for me.  It probably isn’t the nicest away shirt, but it will always hold fond memories for me.

Shirt Highlight – Winning against Arsenal 1-0, November 1991.

 1995 – 1997 Home Shirt

I struggled to choose between the home shirt and the away shirt.  I would have been about 10 years old at the time and I remember taking turns in which shirt I wore each week when playing football at school.  This special centenary shirt was one of my favourites as a kid, I just loved the bubbles with 100 inside.  Tony Cottee also wore this in his second stint back at West Ham, so it was always going to be a special one for me. 

Shirt Highlight – West Ham beating Tottenham 4-3 in February 1997.


1999 – 2001 Home Shirt

This is just simply one of my favourite shirts, it is one of the classic West Ham shirts and for some reason I can’t help but think of Di Canio when I see it.  We had a few strong players in squad at this time, including Joe Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick, Trevor Sinclair and as much as I don’t like to talk about him too much, Frank Lampard.

Shirt Highlight – Beating Arsenal 2-1, Di Canio scoring a brace.


2014-2015 Home Shirt

I have jumped right to last seasons’ shirt, as I wasn’t that keen on many of the shirts since the early 2000’s.  This shirt had a real retro feel to it and I was really pleased with what Adidas produced.  As I mentioned earlier, one of my favourite shirts before the 90’s was the 85-87 shirt, so it is no surprise that this is in my top 5 as this has a strong resemblance.

Shirt Highlight – Winning against both Liverpool and Man City, 3-1 and 2-1 respectively.


2015 – 2016 Home Shirt

I know this is not the most original shirt to choose considering it is being worn this season, but for me it is one of the classiest shirts we have had in my lifetime.  Its simple design with the gold badge and lettering (The Boleyn Ground 1904-2016) looks perfect.  I was so happy when the shirt was revealed earlier in the year, it was important that we said farewell to the Boleyn in style and stylish it most certainly is. 

Shirt Highlight (so far) – Beating Chelsea 2-1, with Carroll scoring 79th minute winner.

Do you agree with my Top 5……let me know @flump9 on Twitter!  Finally, Happy New Year to you all, I hope 2016 is good year for all of the West Ham fans and of course West Ham!!



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