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Kenny Brown: "Free Kicks?! Julian just smashed the granny out of them"

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I’m writing this after our defeat at Newcastle which unfortunately dampened a very positive week.

Wins against Wolves in the FA Cup and a midweek win at AFC Bournemouth were excellent results and probably the Newcastle game was one too far. (literally)

Even with the players flying everywhere now, the travelling does effect, recovery, sleep patterns etc so going down to the South coast on a Tuesday night and then travelling to the North East 3 days later is not ideal. Even so I’m sure Slaven and his staff are more than happy with the weeks work.I would love to see us have a Cup run this year with, as stated before, a QF under the lights at Upton Park. What a night that would be.  With Liverpool awaiting (barring a miracle) there is no reason why the run can’t continue. They won’t fancy us again and a treble against them would be an unbelievable achievement.

We are also in the middle of the transfer window but I cannot see us being too active in it. I really like the look of Byram and it is great business.  The Club have shown that they are not shy about dropping into the Championship to get a player and if Byram turns out to be as successful as Cresswell,  then we will all be happy.  

Quickly revisiting the Bournemouth game, What about those free kicks !? We just used to let Julian smash the granny out of them when I played. Looking at the walls faces as he was lining up to take one was a picture. They couldn’t have made the wall any smaller if they tried as they were trying to get out of the way of one of them!


So onto this weekend and  this Saturday we have Man City in the late kick off.I always liked playing Man City as they always bring good support and played an open game. Also similar to us, they always had 1 or 2 “ballers” who the fans loved watching. David Silva and Aguerro obviously spring to mind within the current squad. Remember though, We’ve got Payet, Dimitri Payet, I just don’t think you understand………………. It’s got all the makings of a great game.

My favourite memory was scoring against them with a scissor kick in 1991-92 season. It was the equalizer but they ended getting a dubious penalty and winning 2-1 near the end. They stole my thunder that day !

Unfortunately this will be my penultimate post. All to be revealed next week.

Kind Regards

Kenny Brown


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