What is the West Ham Way and is it back?

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There has been many a discussion in recent times about The West Ham Way, with the likes of Big Sam and Ferguson claiming there isn’t such a thing and that it is a myth.  For me, that certainly isn’t true.  

Last season under Sam was incredibly frustrating, the media would have had you believe all our fans were harping on about The West Ham Way all the time, I honestly do not think this was not the case.  However, watching them play such one-dimensional football and see them crumble in front of us was simply not good enough.  It was time for a positive change and without a doubt the club have excelled themselves in this regard!

After such an impressive team performance on Saturday against Manchester City, my overall feeling was that of excitement and pride, a real West Ham performance – The West Ham Way!

So what is The West Ham Way?  In my opinion, it is playing attractive football that even neutral fans can appreciate, having passionate players, playing with an attacking creative flair and sheer team determination.   For the first time in quite a few years, I think we have this again, with the likes of Payet and Lanzini providing the creative flair and Adrian, Noble and Collins leading the way with their passion and determination.  To top it off, having an ex-hammer in charge really does make it a perfect scenario.  Bilic understands the history, passion and The West Ham Way, for me this is just how it should be.  I’m proud of the whole club.

Do you agree, are we finally playing ‘The West Ham Way’ and what does ‘The West Ham Way mean to you?  Tweet me @flump9.


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