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So I’ve been asked to do a West Ham FIFA related post for this great website.

I only really play Ultimate Team on FIFA and class myself as an experienced player and trader on the game mode having played it since 2012. I assist a lot of people on there teams including club DJ @DJLeon1983

New to Ultimate Team? 
How it works, in a shell!!!

Ultimate team is a gaming mode were you open packs to get players of which you can sell for coins and by getting coins you can buy players to try and create your “Ultimate Team” (do you like what they did there?) 

You can also get coins by playing games and winning competitions.

The idea for an ideal team is to get 100 chemistry on your team. A player gets chemistry when he links with a player of the same League, Nation or Club that they are next to in the squad 



Player cards come in different forms and each player has a rating set by EA and come in the form of Bronze, Silver and Gold 


Each week EA also release a Team Of The Week. West Ham players in general have to put in a very high standard of performance to get a TOTW card and despite having performed amazing this season have only 4 Inform/TOTW players. 


TOTW players can be found in packs or on the auction pages.

Upcoming projected West Ham Cards

Expected early February are the yearly EA Upgrades normally littered with Arsenal player for the fan boys but normally 1 or 2 West Ham players get an upgraded as well.

The upgrades DO NOT upgrade the current version of a card you own (unless TOTW) 
It’s very hard to call which players will upgraded for West Ham this season other than the obvious one Payet 

My guess for Payet is that he will go from 81>84 rated meaning his TOTW card will go up to 85 rated. 


My next guess would be Lanzini who I think will go from a non rare 76 to a rare gold 78


We normally get a silver upgrade as well I am unsure who it will be this year with Antonio, Tomkins, Cresswell, Sakho, Obiang all Silvers this year and could all deserve an upgrade.

My pick is Tomkins who would get a position change as well as an upgrade from a 73 CB to a 74 RB 

 The only other silver I think could get upgraded is Cresswell.

Late April early May will see the Team Of The Season released, again West Ham have never done very well on TOTS and most seasons get overlooked BUT EA will not be able to ignore Payet’s amazing season and we are likely to see this card in early May (admit it!!! It’s sexy isn’t it Face with tears of joy)


I am alway happy to give fellow Hammer help with there Ultimate Teams and alway available on Twitter @WestHamLondon

I hope you have enjoyed my first post on this site and I hope to be invited to write a smaller weekly post with our chances of getting in the TOTW based on our performances.

Please send you feedback to me on Twitter 



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