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Matthew Etherington’s column: Build this team around Payet

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The overriding factor I feel since my last column, is how much I’m enjoying this West Ham side play and how it is so obvious we have a very good manager. We had a difficult period over Christmas with injuries etc, but the thing I liked most is we didn’t lose games we easily could have lost. Trust me, I know and have heard that means the players are playing for the manager. Speaking of Slaven, I think the performances show how much they respect and want to play for the manager. Tactically and most importantly as a man, they cannot speak highly enough of him. I think it shows on the pitch as well. 
I am speaking since the FA Cup win over Liverpool, I was at the Villa game the week before and in the end via the sending off, it was a comfortable win. The Liverpool result, maybe the last cup game under the lights, was yet another special night at the Boleyn. I really have the feeling this could be our year!! It would be the most amazing send off, maybe I’m dreaming but this club and that amazing ground deserves that kind of send off. 

I had seen talk of Payet to China before he signed his new deal, it was all paper talk I know, but surely with the club moving into the new stadium and the aspirations of this great club moving forward, all the key players will want to stay. Build this already very good team around Payet and add more quality, how special could these next few years be! 

Lastly, it was an honour to be asked to play in Mark Noble’s testimonial. A chance to play at the Boleyn one last time, it means a lot to me. I’ll go into it more and about Nobe’s in my next column. 



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