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The WHL Chairman previews the Upton Park game against rivals Spurs

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We’ve all had that same dream.  You know the one.  It’s West Ham versus Spurs under the lights at the Boleyn. You are in the changing room, nervous before the start of the match.  You put on the claret and blue shirt and after a few last words from the manager you and your team mates shout encouragement to each other and you trot out to the tunnel, the clatter of studs on concrete echoing down the corridor.  You see ahead of you the opening of the tunnel and the roof of the East Stand in the distance.  As you leap up the steps, full of anticipation, you hear the sound of the crowd singing ‘Bubbles’.  As you come out of the tunnel (you are first as in your dream you are captain, naturally) the roar of the crowd and the volume of the song increases.  You are on the pitch and about to kick off…

I envy the players of West Ham Ladies right now.  I will never get to fulfil that dream but they will in little over two weeks time. They may not do it to 35,000 people but their hearts will be racing just the same, bursting with pride and adrenalin.

I will do my best to have a good time, with my aching bones, bad back and missing knee ligaments reminding me that there are many reasons why I shouldn’t be anywhere near the pitch.  I will have spent the day with all the other volunteers who have taken the day off work to make sure the event goes well.  We will be running round making sure the turnstile systems work, there is enough change, the programmes are back from the printers, the officials get their league-mandated refreshments. There will be parties of school children having stadium tours before sitting down to see the Ladies play, many for the first time.  The Haverettes All Girl Marching Band will be practising their routine. The lucky mascots will be gathering, ready to join the players as they go down the tunnel. Sixty-odd junior players will be gathering to get a run out on the pitch and then to ball girl duties. Things will be going wrong left, right and centre behind the scenes as the clock ticks down to when the gates open. 

Who am I kidding?  I am going to have a great time!  This is the other fan’s dream.  The one where you get to be Chairman of West Ham and have the complete run of the club for the day.  Who wouldn’t want to be me right now? I am going to sit in an Executive Box with a meal and then shout my head off as the girls come on to the pitch.  Its West Ham v Spurs!


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