Some classic Allardyce moments and quotes

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 Podcaster on ‘Where Was The Shout?’ ( )& writer for the club Mark Carlaw writes his debut article for TheWestHamWay and talks the return of former manager Sam Allardyce this weekend.

There will be some fans  who will be relishing the prospect of giving our former gaffer Sam Allardyce  some serious stick when he once again graces the touchline at the Boleyn this Saturday, as his Sunderland side look to get themselves out of the relegation mire when face our mighty high-flying Irons. I for one though will not be one of those to join in the booing.

& why should I? Ok he wasn’t our cup of tea when it came to style of football, personality, attitude… basically every aspect of his being was not suited for us cockney boys. But the man did a decent job, & that cannot be argued. He took on our club when we were quite simply broken – and within 3 years we had cemented ourselves once again as a Premier League outfit. He laid the foundations which could now see our fantastic club mix it with the very best in the not so distant future – and for that I am grateful.

Our new man at the helm Slaven Bilic looks like he was born for this job. He says the right things. He plays the right football. He is West Ham – and it’s a delight having him on our touchline every week. His honesty is something I must say I find so refreshing – its one of the aspects of Allardyce I couldn’t stand, the ‘it wasn’t my fault’ routine every week. It actually became laughable.

So in light of the return of Sam to our Upton Park ground this weekend, I’d like to share & remind our fans of some Allardyce gems… 

“I’d have sooner had four bookings today and won 2-1, rather than have one booking and lose 2-1, believe you me….I don’t think I need to prove what I can do as a manager.” West Ham 1-2 Everton

“We’ll struggle to win a game between now and the end of the season if we can’t score a goal.” Aston Villa 1-0 West Ham

& my personal favourite…

“‘The West Ham Way’ is obviously not winning every week, like I tried to do!”

Jokes aside though, let’s show our class this weekend and show Sam some respect, clap him on his arrival to the pitch, and clap him off after we turn Sunderland over!



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