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An Exclusive Update from the Ladies Chairman before their Upton Park match

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So, we are well into the final week of the build up to the West Ham Ladies match at the Boleyn.  I have to say that ticket sales have exceeded expectations and from worrying about whether we would get much of a crowd we are now concerned about having enough staff on the turnstiles.  

I am very pleased that we were able to accommodate so many mascots who will get the chance to walk out of the tunnel with the teams. I have received some delightful emails from parents telling us how their kids reacted when they learned that they had been accepted.  Hopefully we can give them memories that will last a lifetime.  

So far 80 people have taken up the option of hiring an Executive Box for the match, a mix of corporate sponsors and local fans.  Bookings on those are still available but will be closing soon so decide quickly if you want to have a last chance at sitting in the posh seats!

We have accepted an offer from the supplier of programmes to West Ham United to design and print our programme for the night.  It will be our largest and best ever but, as with our policy for everything else on the night, it will be the same price as we normally charge, £2.

This week I finally managed to meet some of the new members of the media team we have recruited and I think we got on well.  The banter level was very high and all original and witty ideas were crushed and derided as they should be.  We then tried them out and I think we have some good stuff. I look forward to seeing their coverage on the day of the match.  The week has been manic and it’s only going to get worse.  I am looking forward to the final whistle and sitting back and taking in what we have all achieved.  

Has it really been only a year since my father and I were appointed chairmen?  I read back to the press release we issued at the time through the main club and it speaks of ‘an opportunity to change direction’ and ‘reviewing every aspect of the club’.  I think we have done that although we have overseen much more change than we expected.  However, after all the work that everyone has put in over the last year we have hit the key targets we wanted to achieve in stabilising the club.  The finances are on a firm footing and turnover is likely to be 50% up on last season.  With stronger finances will come the opportunity to build better facilities and a stronger squad, supported by top coaching staff. Women’s football is improving at all levels so we are exploring ways to improve our junior teams so that the best of them can break into the first team and compete at the highest level.


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