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Jack Sullivan Exclusive: It was karma for De Gea

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Tuesday night was a night I will never forget!  The atmosphere was magical and one with a real buzz.  I have never seen so many people outside the ground before kick-off.   People arrived at Upton Park so early; it was packed form about 4pm onwards, which was amazing to see.

I don’t want the incident with the bus to overshadow the night, so I’m not going to discuss it as I know 99% of West Ham fans were not involved.  When the game did kick-off, the crowd were something else!  I have never heard anything like that before in my life, the sea of claret and blue was truly something special and the volume was incredible.  I know everyone has said it, but the game was perfect and was to the script.  The rain poured down, Reid jumped up and placed it past De Gea, who only 20 minutes before gave our fans a mouthful when Man U scored their goals….which was almost karma.

However, when the full-time whistle had gone it was far from the end of the night.  As the team did their lap of honour, everything including the fireworks were put into place.  The show was unbelievable, taking us back to some of the greatest moments and players of the clubs history at the Boleyn!  As Bobby finally switched the lights off on a stadium that has been home for 112 years, the fans turned silent for the first time, as we all realised it was the end.

It may be the end, but we still have one game to go away to Stoke.  This game is massive, as our European trips depend on it!  The season has been fantastic and the club is moving in the right direction.  We are no longer scared of anyone and instead teams are starting to be scared of us!  COYI!


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