West Ham Ladies Complain to the FA over Discrimination

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West Ham Ladies FC chairman Stephen Hunt has complained to the FA over the club’s treatment of the ladies team saying that they are discriminated against and they deserve more backing from the club.

It is felt that the ladies should be able to use the same facilities that the men use and that the club should equally support both the male team and the female team.  Jack Sullivan has tried to lend his support to the ladies team in the past by organising a game at Upton Park which was promptly cancelled due to supporter frustration with it being billed as the last game at the Boleyn.

In a change of events, it now appears that the ladies think that more should be done to allow the ladies the same privileges that the male team are entitled to.  Stephen Hunt is expected to take his campaign to a number of media outlets to drum up support.

Stephen Hunt believe that the club should support them a lot more and there have been a few disagreements in the past.  There has been no formal meeting by both clubs since 2015 and the ladies are frustrated that they are not even given a kit.

The club have released a statement saying that the ladies management was transferred to a third party.  They believe that Mr Hunt has refused to align his principles with West Ham and has threatened the club on a number of occasions.  The club are braced for more negative publicity as a result of this but believe they have not done anything wrong.

If Stephen Hunt is successful he could change the rules for women’s football on a large scale, whether this actually happens is another question but it appears that the club has many battles ahead of itself on and off the pitch.


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  • Mike Oconnor
    3rd October 2016 at 5:02 pm

    That shocks me! Blimey if those girls are representing by putting on the claret and blue and working hard, the least West Ham should do is embrace that and get behind them and provide. Sorry West Ham Utd I love you but that’s embarrassing .⚒