What has changed between this season and the last?

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By @Eoin_Lennon

9 games in and our beloved team is under extreme scrutiny due to an incomprehensibly poor spell. Up until recently the string of losses and bad results are something we all couldn’t believe nor understand. But why? Why is this being focused on so intensely are people mixing up our beloved West Ham with Barcelona?

I firstly would like to say last season was the best season I can remember as a West Ham fan. Usually a West Ham fan at 2-0 up there has a stomach churning thought that we would squander our lead, due to the pressure of a bombardment of attacks. But last year on multiple occasions I felt us behind by 2 goals and still likely to win. And we did, with our fans pushing the team on until the very end.

But from this fantastic season I would like to pick out two spells of form. Firstly from Oct 31st until Dec 28th 9 games, the equivalent of our upcoming 9 games. This spell seen us without Dimitri Payet for the first time since the magnificent find. There were hard games in there but there was also a lot of poor teams. Our form here got us 9 points from these 9 game (one less point then our current form). There was not outcry here, no blaming Upton Park and no talks of Bilic getting the boot.

The second period is which seen our season to a close, the last 9 games. This period also had to tough games but not enough to warrant a miserable 13 points (only 3 more than our current run) especially when the team was full of confidence fighting for a champions league place. This means that in a spell of 18 games, nearly half the season, we managed 21 points. That sort of form is very bottom half material yet still it was, without a doubt, the best season I have ever witnessed as a West Ham fan.

I think there is an element of delusion amongst some fans which is being fuelled by media looking at every opportunity to bury the London stadium coupled with pundits slamming West Ham because we constantly made fools of them last year when they predicted we would fail. My biggest fear is seeing fans backing pundits rather than our teams and I see it on social media. West Ham fans agreeing with media and pundits saying the stadium is bringing about the end of West Ham and that Bilic wasted the transfer window. I know what WHU faithful would of told these pundits and media is previous years and it was not an agreeing pleasantry.

So if it’s not the form to blame, or Bilic, or the stadium to blame what is it? I fear it is the fans! The fans are divided, a family no more and by our own doing only. We really needed to come together and support the team and we havent. We have fought with the board, fought with away fans, fought with the stewards and to everyone’s disgust fought with ourselves. The only difference between this season and last is negativity in our own fans spreading like a disease making everything seem and feel worse when really it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Everyone need to see there is only one way around it; stick together, welcome the new support, embrace the stadium and we must because at the end of the day it is our future and I still have belief that it is bright.


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  • Ray
    30th October 2016 at 10:58 am

    In agree with this. Last season fans in general were more accepting of the periods when we were struggling, largely because of injuries. As you highlight, in the build-up to Christmas we didn’t have any strikers, Sakho, Carroll, Valencia, Payet, Lanzini- they all had pretty lengthy periods out due to injury, and we also had a spell where we were struggling for fit defenders too – but we knew we had a good team, and were capable of having a great season, so we accepted that the injuries were what was affecting results, but now everyone, fans included, want to complain, even though once again we have been without some of our quality players.
    Carroll, Sakho, Cresswell, Ayew, to name just a few, have not been there for us again, but when they’re back we will be a formidable force again.
    Even this weekend against Everton, Bilic will have some difficult decisions to make – Ayew is fit, and Fernandes has been amazing, so does he drop Antonio? Or Lanzini? Ans what about when Carroll is fit, and if Sakho (something strange going on with him though?!!!) is every ready to play for us again?
    Things are looking up, so hopefully all he verbal in-fighting, and criticism of the board and manager, will stop, and we can get back to the quality that we were seeing week in week out last year.