Zaza-Should he stay or go? West Ham Central gives his direct opinion. Do you agree?

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As I have revealed on Twitter over the last few days the club are trying to negotiate with Juventus to scrap the £24m purchase clause after 14 games in Zaza’s contract so that he can stay until the end of the season.  Whilst the club would rather he just returned to Juve, it appears Juve and the player are not keen, so in order for him to not to be left to play in the reserves an alternative options appears to try and persuade Juve to remove the mentioned clause.  This should not mean that we do not sign another forward in the January window thankfully.

On the site we did a poll yesterday to see what the fans thought about him staying or going and it seems 60% of the fans want him to leave and 40% want him to stay from 4000 people asked.  The poll still has 9 hours to run.

Controversial West Ham blogger West Ham Central got in touch with us and asked if we would consider letting him write for the site.  Having thought long and hard we felt it was only fair to give him a chance to voice his opinions constructively.  No doubt his opinions will split the audience.   In his first article we asked him whether he would keep Zaza or not and this was his very direct response:

The following is written by West Ham Central @westham_central

A summer which was filled with hope and promise of signing a top class, 20 goal a season striker was ended when West Ham announced the loan (with an obligation to buy after a certain amount of games) signing of Juventus and Italy International striker Simone Zaza.

Okay, so an Italian international AND a Juventus star, great right? What could possibly go wrong…

10 games. 0 goals. 0 assists.

A record that, for a loan player with no end of season fee, is not the worst situation in the world. However, when you have no choice but to purchase for a fee rumoured to be just under £25m (£24m I think?), it’s just not acceptable.

It’s all very well for a select few West Ham fans to say ‘just give him a chance, he’ll prove his worth’, but when it’s your 10th chance in 3 months, with just around 5 apps left before the deal is made permanent (unless the clause is changed), his time is already over before it really started.

He has an awful, awful first touch, a terrible eye for goal, and can barely win a header – even against defenders smaller than him. His only positive attribute is his work rate off the ball, but that doesn’t score you goals.

My word to Slav is, stop playing him. Just stop it. Do not play him anymore. Don’t even bring him off of the bench, like in the Spurs game, when he bottled passing it through to Payet for a clear one on one chance at 2-1. We have Carroll returning, plus with Sakho, Ayew, Fletcher and Calleri fighting for the same position, we can afford to leave him out.

Would love to know everyone’s thoughts on Zaza’s spell and if you agree with me that his time is up.


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  • PP
    27th November 2016 at 10:47 am

    Zaza. He is not quick, no pace. He is not prolific in the air like Andy. He does not hold the ball up & bring others into play. He has not scored. He must go !

  • G Force
    27th November 2016 at 11:23 am

    My feelings on Zaza were expressed even before we had loaned him, I had watched him play for Ita and was unimpressed. However there must be something in him I thought, after all he plays for Juventus and has achieved some recognition.Unfortunately ,after a very few games he was still recognisable ,to me anyway, as the same ineffective player I had seen in the summer. The deal we have cut is very slanted in Juventus’s favour, None the less if we can get the number of appearances clause withdrawn I would be willing to keep him for the remainder of the season on loan terms only. I fear it will be very difficult for us to sign a new striker in January ,particularly if our league position is precarious .Even should we do so there is no guarantee that a new player would succeed immediately. I have no wish to sign Zaza permanently on what we have seen so far but we are where for are for the moment.

  • Mark J
    27th November 2016 at 11:26 am

    Hasn’t Caleri gone?

  • ivex
    27th November 2016 at 12:31 pm

    great little read

  • Mark Craig
    27th November 2016 at 4:10 pm

    What an awful ‘article’. I am pretty sure Slav doesn’t need a word of someone on twitter. Stick to ‘rustling’ Louis

  • 27th November 2016 at 5:30 pm

    I fully agree reg. Zaza. He does not look like a striker at all. His first touch is poor. So is his heading and he makes all the wrong runs. With a real striker we had won against Tottenham. He looked awful at the two counter attacks that would have closed the game.