Why the negativity?

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Written by @Farehamhammer

Do you remember when Luton Town beat us 6-0 in the pouring rain at their Kenilworth Road Ground? Or when Oldham Athletic beat us by the same score at their ground? Or when Bolton beat us 4-0 in the pouring rain on their patch, as Alan Pardew stood clueless on the touchline, unable to halt the rout? Last but not least, do you remember when Reading beat us 6-0 –a game in which Yossi Benayoun accused his team mates of being “drunks”? I bet you remember all of those games. Games where fans parted with their hard earned cash and were cheated by players representing West Ham United. Fans vented their fury and rightly so. Dark days indeed. Plenty of reasons for West Ham to be negative. Not our mob. Gallows humour and back for more was The West Ham Way!

Against this background, I’m struggling to understand the reasons why so many are negative about anything relating to The Club. A big part of the problem is Social Media, especially twitter. Donald Trump proved how effective twitter is, in last year’s U S Presidential Election. During transfer window time, fans live on twitter and sites like News Now. They refresh the pages more than youngsters do Porn Hub. A lot of the problems are caused by player’s agents, who leak alleged interest of their player by this or that club. The more a player changes clubs, the more commission an agent will make.

The trouble is even when these agent fed rumours are wide off the mark, you get two or three lazy journalist repeating the stories. As a result things gather pace on the internet, in turn fans convince themselves, that a star player is about to sign for their club. When the deals never materialise its lash out time! Yes, a bit of a spoilt brat attitude I know but fans are only human! Everybody wants their Club signing top stars in the sexed up world of the Premier League. It is also true that the board have leaked a load of utter B******* at times, especially round season ticket renewal time but even they could not dream up some of the fantasy land stuff you read on the internet!

Another source of negativity is the board itself. A lot of people simply do not trust them, as a result of the spin and lies we have been fed constantly in the past. The big problem on the board is Karen Brady, she has treated the fans with absolute disdain. We don’t like her and she does not like us, time for G&S to give her, her P45. None has been a more vocal critic of the board than myself but I’m going to call it like it is. To press they have had a great window, and brought in some great signings, quietly gone about doing the business. Yes we still need a few more in but the window has still got three weeks to go. Some Clubs have yet to sign anyone. Even Michael Owen has praised our recruitment this time round FFS! Yet some will STILL find fault with our new signings.

When I see the likes of Neymar move to PSG for £198m and our record signing is £24 million for Marko Arnautovic I don’t feel envious at all. It’s almost like a kid whose parents give them £800 for a designer jacket. Pretty soon the jacket gets tossed aside, no appreciation whatsoever! Now the second kid has had to save every penny for the same jacket. That kid treats the jacket like pure gold, keeping it in immaculate condition. West Ham is like the second kid. Only a few years ago we had a first team consisting of the likes Di Michele, Tristan, Kovac, Hines, Diamanti and Spector.

We are light years away from that now thank God. When we do reach the next level which we will, as a football Club we will both appreciate it and make it last. It will be a success built on a solid foundation. A foundation that will last. Pity The Clubs that are paying huge transfer fees and wages, for the most mediocre of footballer’s chasing the dream. The vanity and greed of football cannot last. A financial crash is coming bigger than the financial crash of 2008. Big names are going to fall. It only takes the likes of Sky to say to the Premier League when the next TV deal comes up: “We are only going to pay you 300m and not a billion. Take it or leave it” Armageddon time for those who have recklessly spent money almost like a bankrupt maxing his credit card before turning it over to the Official Receiver, and West Ham? Not our problem, we will be on the next level. Negative? No chance! What for? I wonder what Sullivan is up to now? God only knows. He has not used his expensive “right to buy loan” yet. That’s coming.

We are more than a football Club, we’re a way of life!! COYI


Edited By Danny Twigg.


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    12th August 2017 at 9:47 am


  • Jamie Mark
    12th August 2017 at 2:04 pm

    Brilliantly put,
    The constant moaning is tiresome.