Why Rafa?

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Rightly or wrongly, there is already much speculation in the media regarding Slaven Bilic’s future as manager of West Ham United. In some quarters it has been said that The Board have already drawn up a short list of potential managers to succeed him, should they in the words of Eggert Magnusson feel the need to “cut the manager’s throat”. Yes it is early days, and Slaven deserves a chance to turn things around. Hopefully he will. He is also lucky that he reports to Gold and Sullivan, who have a track record of standing by their manager in tough times.

However, West Ham cannot afford another season like last, and you can bet your bottom dollar they will not stand for a repeat of some of the shambolic performances we witnessed last season. If Sam Allardyce had delivered such shocking performances there would have been riots. Some of the football was as dire as any under Big Sam. It started early in the campaign with a 3-0 home loss to Southampton. We were so poor that day, Southampton could have put eight past us! We never really recovered from that game. At times Bilic resembled Forest Gump on the touchline. Clueless.

To be fair to Slaven, he had a lot on his plate with Dimitri Payet’s antics. He also had to deal with one of the worst transfer windows possible. Not since Harry spent the 18m from the sale of Rio Ferdinand on Rigobert Song, Titi Camara, David Burrows and Mike Marsh, had I seen such a waste of money. Many have blamed The Board for the poor recruitment. Well IF that was the case then why did Slaven give the bloody green light to the signings? He is the bloody manager FFS!

This time round The Board have backed Slaven and brought in HIS signings. If we manage to bring in William Carvalho, and keep hold of Manuel Lanzini, it will be the best transfer window in living memory. Bilic has had a full pre-season with the no Europa League Qualifying games to worry about. Yet judging by the first two games, things have hardly improved since than last season. Which is worrying. Many are asking questions now, such as would Bilic have enjoyed such a great first season in charge if he never had Payet and Lanzini playing at the top of their game? I don’t know. What I do know is that things have to improve on the pitch very quickly.

I keep hearing that IF worse comes to worst, and The Board decide to give Slav his P45, Rafa Benitez is top of The Board’s wanted list. Apparently legend has it that Rafa was within an hour of joining us before he signed up to his ‘dream’ job of managing Real Madrid. Unfortunately the ‘dream‘ job only lasted six months before Real Madrid decided it was bye bye Rafa time. My question is why Rafa? It’s a myth that he is a great manager. The myth was built upon Liverpool’s comeback win in the Champions League Final against AC Milan. That was not down to any tactical switch or inspirational speech from Benitez at half time! That comeback was on the back of Steven Gerrard, who was simply unplayable. As was the case when we played Liverpool in the 2006 FA Cup Final. Rafa the genius? A###! The hallmark of a Rafa Benitez reign at every Club boils down to two things. He is always crying about the lack of transfer funds, and he stifles the progress of the youth. If we happen to make a change, there is one man I would like to see come to The Club;

Brendan Rodgers.

He has had his setbacks but certainly did a better job at Liverpool than Rafa for starters. Indeed he came very close to winning the Premier League, being pipped at the post by Chelsea. Rodgers style of football is pleasing to the eye, with high pressing, inventive, crisp football on the deck. Football we call The West Ham Way. Rodgers is not scared to give the youth a chance either, as is apparent with so many new faces being introduced at Celtic. Yes, some will say the SPL is a pub League. Still, Celtic played Manchester City twice last season in The Champions League, drawing on both occasions. Playing ATTACKING and INVENTIVE FOOTBALL. With the squad we have, and the quality of youth we have coming through now, in my opinion Brendan Rodgers would be the perfect fit to manage West Ham United.

However, let’s hope we don’t have to make a managerial change now. Slaven Bilic gave us a FANTASTIC first season. Winning at Anfield?? I never ever thought I would see the day we did that! Unfortunately, as Claudio Raineiri found out, you cannot live on past achievement. The same goes for Slaven Bilic. He has got to show that last season was nothing more than a blip, and he has to do it soon. I for one hope he does!

We are more than a football Club.

We’re a way of life!




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