A time for cool heads

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Written by @FarehamHammer

Well that was shocking wasn’t it? I just could not believe the team list when I saw it and I bet neither could you either. Picking a midfield of Noble, Rice and Fernandes, when you had Kouyate, Obiang and Lanzini on the bench was UTTER MADNESS. A bit like you and I being in bed, flanked by Suzanne Boyle on one side, Beyoncé on the other and deciding to s*** Suzanne Boyle. Some will say Kouyate and Lanzini were not fully match fit. Christ on a bike! We were playing Newcastle a team bereft of any confidence; if we attacked them from the off-it would of paid dividends. Then at the appropriate time, once the damage is done, the manager brings the trio off individually. He is in training every day and should know the level of fitness of each player. Part of me wonders if he picked the starting midfield trio on purpose, in an effort to get The Board to bring in Carvalho. Stupid and suicidal if he did.

Something does not ring right in regards to the chairman and Bilic. Slaven keeps on talking about: net spend, players sold as a result we have money to spend, saying the squad is not is not big enough. Yes, I know he said yesterday that he was “satisfied with his squad”- I don’t believe that. I think that he was told that there is no more dough and has had no option but to put a positive spin on things. A while back he said that the board did well and there would be no more big signings. It is clear that the manager desperately wants Carvalho. I think Carvalho’s name has been leaked to the media from Slaven’s people. Why would G&S leak Carvalho’s name to the media? There are no season tickets to be sold and they had delivered in their promise to bring in four proven Premiership quality players. Till Carvalho’s name appeared in the media, most were happy with the window They were content to see what transpires in the dying days of the transfer window. If there has been a rift between the board and Slaven over Carvalho, things like that would also affect the players-which in turn results in performances like yesterday.

Well apparently the chairman and Bilic met and had two positive meetings. Those baying for Bilic’s blood reminded me of those baying for Jesus’s at The Crucifixion. Unlike Pontius Pilate, Gold and Sullivan did not deliver them Slaven’s blood. They don’t like sacking managers. It would cost a lot of money for starters. They would have to pay off Bilic and his staff, bring in a new manager and his team. He will want to bring in his own signings, what happens to the players bought for Slaven? Far too much dough! I have no doubt though that Sullivan has told Slaven that things must improve on the pitch ASAP. I would guess that Slaven would have told Sullivan that although we have done good business it’s not enough-which is true. Our squad’s depth is paper thin and unbalanced. We are playing catch up this season, due to last season’s summer fiasco and both Slaven and the board are to blame. Look there is no doubt that The Board DO believe in Bilic. The way they went out of their way to land Javier Hernandez speaks for itself. I also think they will sanction a couple more players brought in, possibly even try at this late hour to land Carvalho. Although like anything in life, you don’t always get what you want. If that were to happen, I could see someone like Obiang being sold. Sadly Slaven does not seem to rate him somehow.

One of the biggest issues Slaven Bilic has to deal with is the Mark Noble one. Playing Noble is costing West Ham in match after match. No it is not a case of not ‘respecting’ Noble, some want the boy from Canning Town in the team at any cost. They would rather have the likes of Obiang, who is different class to Noble SOLD, if it meant Noble kept his place in the team. Their basis for keeping him in the team? He’s ‘West Ham’. Then in that case Slaven, has got to play you or me in the team, as we are ‘West Ham’. The simple reality about Noble is this: He has absolutely no pace, offers nothing going forward, resorts to vicious fouls in dangerous positions, as he is too slow to get back. When closed down quickly, is either dispossessed or passes straight to the opposition. He offers nothing offensively, passing anywhere but forward (will come back to that in a mo.). The opposition know he is the weak link and exploit that. Cutting through our midfield like a knife through butter. As a result our defence has no protection. The strikers also get no service, as a result they have to drop to the half way line to collect the ball! How can you hurt the opposition like that?

So what IF we sign William Carvalho? A huge imposing defensive midfielder, not much gets past him. This would surely mean the end of Noble? Ironically not. It could well be The SALVATION of Noble! Some of Noble’s best football was played when ‘The Wardrobe’ Papa Diop played for the Cub. Diop was like Carvalho, a big imposing man. He shielded Noble, giving him time and space on the ball. As a result Noble switched play superbly at times. Popping up here there and everywhere, giving short crisp passes, and keeping the ball moving. Carvalho or no Carvalho a change of captaincy is needed, Noble is not suited to the role of Captain, too quick to lose his head, give it to someone like Zabaleta. Someone who knows how to steady ship that is exactly what we need now. A steady hand. Yes Saturday was bad but time for some leadership on and off the pitch to be shown and get the good ship West Ham United sailing forward. Why not? You know as well as I do, that we have the potential to do that. Bilic? The future is in his hands. Time to deliver! And us the supporters? Win a few games and it will be; Super Slav! Super Slav! Super SLAVEN BILIC!

We are more than a football club, we’re a way of life!



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  • jeffrey sherman
    29th August 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Another excellent article Fareham and some very astute points made.

  • Farehamhammer
    30th August 2017 at 9:58 am

    Glad you enjoyed it Jeffrey !

  • Neil
    30th August 2017 at 12:58 pm

    Spot on Brother Fareham. How long have we said this? Gold & Sullivan need to start trusting a bit more. Bilic needs to be told square pegs don’t fit in round holes!