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Written by @_CarltonCole9’s thoughts on Slaven Bilic

If you’ve followed me for a while, you will know how much I love Slaven Bilic. I have defended him throughout; regardless of how poor we’ve been I have tweeted my praise for him and got a ton of abuse for being naive, deluded and pretty much any synonym you can imagine. I have called people who want him gone stupid and fickle. I have a massive scarf I got in Camden Market saying Super Slav up in my bedroom. I do love him which is why writing this is so hard so I’m just gonna come out and say it: For the sake of West Ham United, Slaven Bilic needs to go.

He is still a good manager regardless of what people say. Maybe this is me clinging on to the fact I do love him. Kinda like when your partner leaves you and you hate them but you have that ounce of love for them. But the Brighton game has pushed me too far. It was indefensible.

I have no idea what formation we were playing. Lanzini was acting as a holding midfielder. Kouyate was wandering up front despite the fact he has the shooting ability of a 4 year old American who has stolen their grandmother’s handgun from her handbag. But what baffles me the most is the fact we kept crossing in for Hernandez and Ayew to score headers despite the fact they’re about 10 inches smaller than Brighton’s centre backs.

However, the tip of the iceberg for me is the general attitude of the players. They’re not playing for him. They’re not playing for the club. I don’t know what they’re doing and they should be ashamed of themselves but it seems like Bilic has hit the point of no return with them. He’s fighting a lost cause. Unless he does something drastic then this is gonna drag on until the end of the season when his contract is up. The issue is I fear he doesn’t have it in him anymore.

I strongly disagree with people who say Bilic is a bad manager. He got us our highest ever points tally – if you say that was Payet, remember who got the best out of him – and with all the nonsense that happened last season we still got a respectable 11th. But this season has been dire. Even the wins have been dreadful. I’ve kid myself by saying a win’s a win and that Slaven got us the win (subs against Swansea) but the truth is, they were poor and we were lucky. But losing 3-0 to 2 promoted sides, one at home, is unacceptable for a club who want to fight for Europa.

This season hasn’t just been Bilic’s fault. It’s been the player’s fault as well. I can’t think of one player who’s consistently been good. Zabaleta, who’s probably been our best player this season, has given away 2 penalties. Hernandez isn’t getting the service but on the rare occasion he does, he’s not doing anything. So far, Arnautovic has been a disaster, as have every one of our central midfielders. As I said, they may not be playing for Bilic but they could at least play for the shirt.

I have supported West Ham since Pardew. I’m aware many of you have been supporting us for longer, but Slaven Bilic is my favourite West Ham manager. I love the person and I did love the manager. But as long as he stays at West Ham, his reputation will continue to get shredded apart. Thank you for the memories Slaven and know that I do and always will love you. But, similar to Big Sam, you’ve taken us as far as you can and it’s time for you to go.


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  • Mick Whalley
    21st October 2017 at 3:56 pm

    I really hope Westham will do the right thing by the fans and I suppose by Bilic as well, the lad needs to be put out of his misery as do I. Lets have a distinguished manager next up someone who is used to winning, we deserve at least that COYI

  • Kev
    22nd October 2017 at 1:32 am

    I also love Slav, he is a good manager – but sod knows whats going on , but your right this seas is awful – i know 4 away games (due to athletics coming 1st & us 2nd in our new rented home) didn’t help – seems players aint playing for him, theres more to it – SB hasn’t just become s crap manager- sullivan does interfere ,& does buy players that allardyce & now bilic didn’t ask for. But whatever the problem is i agree its not gona get better ,but then i can’t see anything changing until they (dildo bros) fk off! I didn’t want them & im completely sick to death of them especially sullivan & his big mouth!
    ..this is first realistic honest post thst i sadly have to agree with.
    But since the time they had the chance to save us from relegation- by sacking Grant & bringing in O’neil – but they decided to keep grant & take us down. That says it all , they don’t give a crap about us & all the broken promises only made it all worse since then – sold our home for a crap hole – Brady changing our badge (not a care given to our heritage) especially when majority of us wanted to keep it. So football wise & heritage wise, they’re just as cold as they come- even the ‘named bricks have wheelie bins on top of them. Its not my westham anymore, im nearly 56yo & never felt so …. well just like its all gone & aint ever gonna be the same , a sad time . Cs it aint gonna be the same -even when we lost we’d be in the boozer across the rd with faces we bin seeing for years , or visit our fav pie n mash shop, chat to all the local shop owners wed get ouf baccy etc Now in a sterile expensive barn -that we share & but we come 2nd to athletics, & people say we got a free stadium, haha joke of a stadium, even our training ground pitch isnt same dimensions as the pitch in the barn ffs!! We had the smallest pitch at the boleyn now we have the largest! Its all a massive mess – retractable seat nonsense etc etc everything crap.

  • Mark Wilson
    22nd October 2017 at 8:04 am

    People have to stop with the Skaven is a genius nonsense. He’s been foundviut like he was at Brain has, he’ll look at them now !. He’s hopeless, clueless and inept

  • Mark Wilson
    22nd October 2017 at 8:12 am

    Sorry for the predictive text nonsense below !

    For Brain Re Besiktas !

  • G Force
    22nd October 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Sad, but True I am afraid. We are not playing as a team but like a bunch of individual’s who meet once a week for a match on Saturday mornings. Is it overreacting to speak of a crisis?;possibly,but I don’t think so.The match V Brighton was a wake up call.