If Slav does go, why are people not talking about the man as a potential boss?!

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Today West Ham have been linked to 30 year old Hoffenhiem manager Julian Nagelsmann. The German boss is in his second season for the Bundesliga club and us catching the eye of some the biggest clubs in Europe. But should West Ham start Investing in foreign youth and focus on young English managers within our own successful pyramid system?

As much as I would love West Ham to start investing in the world’s best managers for short term successes, I feel the club should start Investing in a manager who could build the squad. I’m not talking about the obvious young English managers that are in the spotlight such as Eddie Howe, but I’m looking further down the leagues and towards a manager who has grown from the non-league not only as a player but now as a manager. A man who has guided Lincoln City into League 2 using the bare minimum resources available but thanks to the clubs progression, he has installed the resources back into the club.
I’m talking about Havering born, childhood hammers fan Danny Cowley.
Danny Cowley has been a breath of fresh air in the lower leagues, by using his grounded philosophy, consistent confidence and installation of trust in his players to get the best out of his team. Likened to a modern day Harry Redknapp, he has reaped the benefits and gained popular status in Lincoln, putting the city back on the Footballing map. Having successful spells at Hornchurch and Braintree Town as manager, he had built squad off players he has trusted and used that players commitment to install a spine within his team’s… Something West Ham clearly lack.
If Danny Cowley became manager at West Ham, he would’ve like a child in a toyshop with his mum’s purse. Imagine the resources he would have at his hands! A very good youth academy, premier league quality players, a good scouting team, a transfer kitty he could swim in and a training facility Lincoln city could only dream about. My logic here is this man has done well with no money and no real setup, pure managerial qualities is why he is doing well… And at only 39. Now give that person everything and see how well he will do. I cannot see Pep or Jose doing well at Lincoln City and I feel this is where West Ham’s next long term managerial solution could be.
Let me know your thoughts coyi.
Adam Leatherbarrow (BA Hons & Dip Arch)


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  • DL
    26th October 2017 at 6:14 pm

    Danny was manager of Concord Rangers and not Hornchurch as far as I know. Id take him over some of the names mentioned, at least you know you are going to get an unbelievably hard working management team. The problem would be that he is used to working with chairman that let him deal with the bringing in of players.

  • Joshua
    26th October 2017 at 9:04 pm

    Good shout. I am a big believer in a big name big budget managers like Ancelotti wouldn’t be the best for us. We need a manager who gets the best out of the squad with trust tactics passion etc. No just money. Buying names isn’t working out for us. Ardian is capable #1 at a 4th the salary and Hart seems to be on declineight be decent but not the future and that’s where we should focus. Marko hasn’t worked maybe getting Henry O who I fancied would have been the best option or others. Zab great Chic good w service which he lacks.
    I also think Chris Wilder at Sheff Utd would be a good manager for us from North Hampton to Sheff Utd he has done amazing things w a limited budget.

  • Colin
    27th October 2017 at 10:32 pm

    As a Lincoln City and West Ham fan I would love to see Danny (and his brother Nicky) manage West Ham, but can we see hiw far they can take Lincoln over the next 2-3 years please??!!