Where do we go from here?

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Written by @ForeverWestHam4

We are certainly experiencing difficult times as West Ham fans at present. I was there Friday night for that embarrassing display against Brighton. It was a shambles. I remember turning to my friend just 5 minutes into the game and saying to him how things didn’t look right.  We were slow, lethargic and lacked ideas going forward.  We looked like a bunch of strangers simply going through the motions. It was very difficult to watch.

This now begs the question, where do we go from here?  The one blindingly obvious step is to relieve Slaven Bilic of his duties with immediate effect. There are clearly huge problems in the dressing room, on the training ground and ultimately on the football pitch. His training methods have to be questioned. Not only do we suffer an awful lot of injuries, but the players look unfit and out of shape during matches. Not to mention his reluctance to give our youth players a chance. This can’t go on. Giving him two more games isn’t going to change that fact. I’ve also heard rumours he has lost certain players and they no longer want to play for him. Once you get to that point there’s no going back.

We were all excited when Slaven was appointed. Me included. The reason?  Because he was ex West Ham and he knew what the fans wanted and demanded. That was what the majority of us felt at the time, anyway.

Is it now time to face reality and stop thinking our only chance of success is to have Ex West Ham players as coaches or managers? The appointment of Julian Dicks is a perfect example. I’m not saying he’s responsible for the  problems, but it seems to me that he was only given a coaching job because of who he is.  Shouldn’t he only be in the role on merit? My understanding is he doesn’t contribute an awful lot.

I read an article earlier today that Di Canio should be brought back as an interim boss until the summer. That has disaster written all over it. Yes he’s passionate and yes he loves West Ham, but we need more than that. We need a complete change of direction.  I starting to believe this mentality has held us back over the years.  We’re not allowing ourselves to breath or think outside the box. Once Slaven goes, and it’s only a matter of when and not if, I would love to see us go in a completely different direction.

The one man I would love to see as our new manager is Thomas Tuchel. He comes very highly rated and his imaginative and fresh ideas to coaching have made him very sort after. We need our Board to finally grow a pair. For the love of God make a decision. Stop prolonging the agony and sack Slaven and his backroom team now. Put an offer on the table Thomas Tuchel will find difficult to refuse. We need to do something. At the moment we’re stagnating, just hoping Slaven turns the situation around. Things haven’t been right for a long time. The Payet issue, poor signings, poor training methods, inept tactics and the Board’s constant interference, amongst other things, has led us to the situation we’re in now.

We have to become a more professional outfit from top to bottom. Let’s employ a manager with a hunger, drive and philosophy to take us forward and allow him to do his job with the full support of the Board and without their interference. Otherwise, I fear, things will never change.





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  • Jeremy
    27th October 2017 at 8:02 am

    A good and well meant review. I’m glad you said you accepted Slaven at the beginning. Everyone I know agrees he’s a nice fella but can he really lead us into better times? I think not!