What we wrong against Brighton and cannot be repeated!!

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Editor’s note: Before I write this can I just say that Fareham wrote the article on Monday and because of the radio show and the Spurs match I have only just got round to putting this on.  It’s well written and deserves to be published but of course didn’t then take into account we have beaten Spurs since it was written.  I think it is important to see the clear differences between Fareham’s great summary here of the Brighton game and what made the second half against Spurs so much better.  

Mama put the guns in the ground.

I can’t shoot them anymore.

That cold black cloud is coming down.

Feels like I’m knocking on Heaven’s door.

Knock-knock-knocking on Heaven’s door.

The words of the song boomed through the Fareham precinct this morning, as shopping was being done. Appropriate word’s for every West Ham supporter on Friday night! After that fiasco many would have come to the conclusion that this is a black cloud too many. “I’m finished with this mob! Not coming back until Bilic, The Board, The Players or whoever you blamed for the fiasco have left The Club”.

On Twitter supporters voiced their fury out on said individuals. We are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, to vent our fury regards Friday nights shambles! But unfortunately for us as supporters, there is no escape. West Ham is in the blood It’s a way of life. Almost like a couple who have had a furious bust up, the one half knocks on the door and sheepishly says “Can we talk?” The person comes in, they talk, and five minutes later they are holding hands again. Same with us Hammers. Finished on Friday night, but back on board by Sunday.

It is clear something is seriously amiss at The Club. I don’t know if there was more to the HMRC raid than we were led to believe. There may even be bad blood between Sullivan and Bilic over Payet. I don’t think Sullivan had any intention of selling Payet. He had just given him a loyalty bonus. When Slaven went public, Sullivan was left with no option but to sell the player. This is just speculation but something is rotten at The Club and things need to be sorted quickly or we will go down. If we did go down, we could well land up like Coventry.

The Board are not going to sack Bilic. It’s a myth that Gold and Sullivan never sack a manager. The only reason why they don’t sack them is because they won’t pay compensation. As for the tear jerker “The Board are worried about the quality of manager available”, yeah right! Just like “The Portuguese are difficult to deal with in the transfer window”. What a load of crap! As with everything regards our Board, money is the issue. Enticing a good manager from a Club would involve having to pay compensation. No chance!

Anyway, I will revisit The Board in the not too distant future. However, when I see some of the managerial ‘candidates’ suggested by fans on twitter I cringe: Di Canio, Dicks, Kevin Nolan, some even calling for the ultimate football prostitute, Harry Redknapp, to return. We are NOT that desperate!

I do have a certain amount of sympathy for The Board for the situation they find themselves in. Sacking the manager is just one side of the story. If we brought in the likes of Benitez, Pellegrini, Mancini, or any other big name manager, they will demand a large transfer war chest for the January transfer window. 40-50M is a conservative estimate. A lot of dough for a growing Club like ourselves. If they go the other way and appoint someone like Sean Dyche or Eddie Howe, there is a reasonable chance things could go belly up big time. Dyche has limited managerial experience, in charge nowhere bar Burnley. As for Eddie Howe, ironically the only other Club he has managed other than Bournemouth has been Burnley. At the latter he most certainly was not a success.

Like Dyche and Howe, Owen Coyle, Tony Mowbray and Phil Parkinson were hyped up as young managers headed to the very top. Sadly they are now history. West Ham simply cannot afford to gamble. I will say it again, Brendan Rodgers is the one. He can work with a budget, plays attractive football, and gives youth a chance. I think The Board could well get him now if they wanted to.

The worst thing about Friday night was that no one could see it coming. We seemed to have turned the corner and were on the way up, having played some beautiful football at Burnley in patches. Then we absolutely imploded like an alcoholic suffering a relapse. This has been the case too often under Slaven Bilic. We can spend the whole day pointing fingers at this person or that person, but that won’t solve anything. Collectively Bilic, Players, and Owners are all to blame! The Club is in permanent decline! “This is just simply not true” some maintain. We have one of the best squads we have in recent memory. And for the first time in the best part of two decades we have some quality players coming through from the youth set up. However that is no good if we produce performances likeFriday Night.

They say that money is the root of all evil but as far as our squad is concerned money has definitely played a contributing role in the low squad morale. Wages! When you get the likes of Snodgrass, Fonte, Arnautovic and Hernandez on huge wages and bonuses, yet you have Mark Noble on £45,000, Kouyate on £27,000, and Lanzini on £40,000. Then you get the likes of Sakho on virtual peanuts. Are you telling me there are no camps and division and resentment in the squad? There must be! It’s a bit like you and I working for a company for ten years, then the company brings in someone to do the same job as you and gives them double your wages. Of course you would be pissed off! Upgrading contracts will go a long way towards lifting squad morale. Do it now, and lift the morale!

What of the manager and his coaching staff? Well, we cannot let it go on like this! The players don’t look fit. Even a workhorse like Antonio looked exhausted after 20 minutes. The squad looked as though they were strangers who never had played together before. Bilic resembled a punch drunk boxer, standing on the touchline not having a clue how to change things. Good players don’t become bad players overnight. Neither do players go on to the pitch and think “F*** Bilic, I’m going to play s*** today”. It’s all about confidence. The manager loses confidence and obviously it has a knock on effect with the players. A fresh face often gives a team a boost, gradually raising everyones confidence. If I was Sullivan I would give Terry Westley a duel role. Head of The Academy, as well as Director of Football at The Club. He needs to be able to give an input as far as the first team squad affairs are concerned, as well as running The Academy. We would then hopefully see a couple of our youth players given a chance to showcase their talents. Just thinking about some of the youth coming through lifts the gloom.

It is true that Bilic may not want the likes of Westley or anyone else as Director of Football. In that case he should do the honourable thing and resign. Either way, whether it be via Director of Football or managerial, change is coming. So it should be! It is ridiculous that we find ourselves in the position we are in the first place. However we shall overcome!

We are more than a football club!

We’re a way of life!



(Edited By Danny Twigg)


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