“No Club Outside The Top Six Has Spent More”-Yes they have Karren!

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Written by Geo Mackie of HammersChat

I read Karren Brady claim today that ‘We spent £100million on players since he joined — and no club outside the top six has spent more’ in her column for the Sun, so I decided to check out this claim as it seems a bit too accurate, £100m….a bit precise, and a couple of other reasons but I will keep this article as factual rather than opinions.


So, here is the other Premier League clubs (I have not included the top 6 as Karren did not claim we have spent more than them) that have been in the Premier League club since Bilic was manager, their spend and their net spend, oh, and we haven’t even spent £100m ourselves, so that figure was plucked out of the air, put it alongside the ‘95% of fans are happy at the London Stadium’ claim from David Sullivan


Bournemouth – spend since 15/16 – £117.09m net spend – £93.57m

Crystal Palace – spend since 15/16 – £150.75m net spend – £97.83m

Everton – spend since 15/16 – £263.95m net spend – £106.69m

Leicester City – spend since 15/16 – £204.61m net spend – £94.45m

Southampton – spend since 15/16 – £151.55m net spend – £15.24m

Stoke City – spend since 15/16 – £114.39m net spend – £58.46m

Swansea City – spend since 15/16 – £117.72m net spend +£14.13m

Watford – spend since 15/16 – £193.49m net spend – £118.47m

West Brom – spend since 15/16 – £113.85m – net spend – £76.09m


West Ham United – spend since 15/16 – £163.44m – net spend – £82.29m


Clubs that are comparable that have spent more than West Ham Utd since Slaven Bilic was manager – Everton, Leicester City and Watford

Clubs that have a higher net spend for the same period since the summer of 2015 – Watford, Leicester City, Everton, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.


There you have it, so the vice-chairman’s claim of ‘We spent £100million on players since he joined — and no club outside the top six has spent more’ is wrong on both fronts – our spend and that no other club has spent more.


And that is where I will end this article, thanks for reading and feel free to follow myself on twitter @redhammer8 if you like this kind of ‘information’.

*All figures are figures are from the well respected transfermarket website


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  • Sim Beckley
    11th November 2017 at 6:35 pm

    You can tell she lying when her mouth moves Geo, well written, and a good observation. They need to be answerable to just where 100 +million of sky money is going.
    We have a 4 million net spend this season. There jokers.

  • 11th November 2017 at 7:34 pm

    This why I love West Ham, the fans care and know more about the club then it’s owner’s. Makes you really wish this club was run like St Pauli FC in Germany.

  • 13th November 2017 at 2:14 pm

    As always lies and crap coming from the mouths of the owners and their lackey.

    Anyway the real thing to consider is that anyone can outspend anyone else, but it’s what you spend it on the counts, not a load of out-of-date second hand furniture !!!

  • Old Esthamiian
    20th November 2017 at 9:38 am

    Here’s what Sullivan said 7 years ago, a direct quote:

    “Zola is absolutely staying. I can say that categorically. West Ham United need stability after all the recent upheavals. We appointed four managers and parted company with two at Birmingham in 16 years. We believe in our managers and give them the time and support they need,” he added, revealing that he wants to take West Ham into the Champions League in the next decade. “We have a seven-year plan to get them into the Champions League.”

    I remember Birmingham fans saying we would be sorry…..