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#RefWatch: Andre Marriner – Watford vs West Ham

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It’s been 12 days since David Moyes was appointed to replace Slaven Bilic at West Ham and I think it’s fair to say that there remains to be some uproar among some of the fans at Moyes’ appointment. My initial thoughts was that if Moyes can emulate the kind of performances, it would be a great appointment. It’s always going to be a tough job and miracles cannot happen over night however, the disappointment at Watford will give David Moyes a lot to pounder over about which players are going to step up and show some fight for the team.

Andy Carroll, coming back from a three game ban, nearly enjoyed a further three weeks ban after catching Watford’s debutant Zeegelaar with a leading elbow within the first 30 seconds. Andy Carroll is an utter liability and with a challenge like that, is not only endangering an opponent but it’s purely and simply idiotic. Carroll was stupid at Burnley and he’s followed a similar suit with a serious of ridiculous and unnecessary challenges at Watford.

I’ve said on many occasions that using your arms is a natural when jumping to gain elevation especially from a standing position, but when you’re running and jumping at pace into an opponent and leading with your elbow, it’s unacceptable. Carroll, in my opinion, was fortunate not to get a yellow card as an absolute minimum. If Marriner had showed him a red, there wouldn’t have been any complaints. Thankfully for Carroll, Marriner was slightly out of position with the game only 20 seconds in, and the assistant referee was in line with the last defender so this was missed by both.

Andy Carroll continued with his stupid antics by being cautioned for an off the ball incident with Richarlison after becoming frustrated for losing the ball. Nearing the end of the first half, Carroll thought after being knocked to the floor that it was acceptable to have a kick out at a Watford defender. Marriner had enough of Carroll over the course of 45 minutes and called over Mark Noble for a final warning and Carroll walking on thin ice going into the second half.

Andre Marriner is a very good well equipped referee, potentially one of the better referees in the Premier League this season. I bet he thought that he might have a comfortable afternoon with this fixture but he was kept on his toes with a couple of big decisions.

West Ham’s disciplinary record is one of the worst in the league for some reason and with some of the challenges flying in and the lack of discipline among players, I’m not surprised why. West Ham’s second caution of the game came when Marko Arnautovic, who was bright at times before his injury, over stretched after miss controlling the ball and catching Tom Cleverly on the top of the boot. Whenever you’re not in control of the ball and you’re desperately lunging to win the ball back, you’re not deemed in control and Marriner was right to caution this foul.

There were a couple of challenging decisions that Andre Marriner had to make with the first being a penalty decision from Watford with appeals echoing around Vicarage Road. In realtime, this was a very difficult decision to make especially from a TV viewing perspective. My heart sank and I thought he was going to give it and when I saw Marriner wave away appeals, I was relieved. It was only when I saw two or three replays that it was evident that Richarlison actually trod on Pablo Zabaleta’s foot before hitting the ground. The fact Andre Marriner made that decision within a split second and getting it spot on is an absolutely brilliant decision.

With West Ham playing very poorly and Winston Reid at fault for the second goal, Will Hughes was fortunate not to be penalised for handball after the ball bounced off his leg into his hand. After contact with Hudges’ hand, the ball looked under control, which gave Hughes an advantage which subsequently assisted Richarlison and Watford’s second goal to put Watford out of sight. When reviewing Marriner’s position, he was behind Will Hudges and wouldn’t have see the contact on his right hand. In my opinion, if Marriner saw this incident, he would have blew for a foul to West Ham.

There was another Watford handball which came after a great piece of defending by Christian Kabasele by keeping Manuel Lanzini’s shot from hitting the back of the net. The Watford defender put his body on the line to make the interception with the ball hitting his thigh and ricocheting onto his arm. There was no obvious intention in my opinion and would have been an extremely harsh decision as it was ball to hand, not a deliberate handball.


Overall, Andre Marriner had a good game and I thought he got a lot of his decisions right. The Andy Carroll incident is a difficult one as it’s a huge decision to make so quickly after kick off. The position Marriner employed is the same position I would take up at kick off and straight away the ball was knocked cross field and that starting position would have been comprised with the speed of the pass to see the incident. Andre Marriner controlled the game well and made good decisions throughout.

As West Ham fans, we never thought that change would happen overnight and you have to give the management team time. Moyes won’t take any shit and clearly showed his disappointment of the team performance. It’s a hard position that our upcoming games include Leicester and Everton in November before 3 consecutive games against top 3 teams, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea.


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