Where do we go from here?

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Where to start? Hard to write this but has to be done so enjoy… If that’s the right word…

Firstly no blame can be aimed towards Moyes after Watford, He has a lot of work to do and it hurts me to say this but probably still our best performance in a while. Fitness and high work rates should come naturally in football but towards the end of Slav’s reign training lacked tempo and was poor especially not helped with an ageing squad. Moyes was lucky to come in during an international break to give him some time but had half the squad and fitness doesn’t come over night unfortunately. I do think the training videos gave us a false sense of belief and an easy but smart way from our media team to win fans over for a short period of time (including myself) and although I do actually think Moyes training is exactly what we need it will take time because of how bad things got under Slav with injuries not helping at all. I have been upbeat on twitter last couple of weeks and in my last article but deep inside knew it would take more than a few videos and a new face to get us playing the “West Ham way” although hoped for a better reaction from the players. Watford was a massive game and think had we have won we’d be more motivated than ever for the season and would have won the fans over but we didn’t and move on to our even bigger game on Friday.

As I say the club is in a bad place with past management leaving us in pieces quite frankly but I still think Moyes and his backroom staff will get us back to basics, disciplined, organised and most importantly improve our tempo (on and off the pitch) and fitness (all sadly takes time) also one of the only options to bring in within such a short space of time unless we wanted to do an Everton, I hope we can also make a difference in every game but most importantly during this managerial transitional period by getting right behind the team and making the OS a fortress which I know we are capable. I know we have quality players but do lack depth and is an ageing squad. I do think Christmas will be tough for West Ham fans because of the fixtures and deeper problems but urge you to stay strong as I know we have the quality to turn it around. I know there is a big protest right now around the board which is fair in some aspects but being honest I don’t blame them for our league position and there has been much worst seasons than this but social media doesn’t help, We have a quality team (on paper) and a 60k+ seater stadium which was the right move bar leaving to soon and not getting enough control which were huge mistakes on the owners and Brady’s behalf. They have transformed us as a team and have brought in quality players but again let themselves down with the shady Carvalho deal and right now seems like he would have been the perfect acquisition. I do think they were the best option for us and thank them but do feel they are dinosaurs of the game now and do question whether they can compete nowadays with money so high in the game. I do think fans being upset is well justified but again in our position when we should be getting behind the team is it all worth it? Do we want to become another Sunderland? Seen people plan walk outs, not turning up and violence towards staff, fans with different views and the board but that will only make the situation worst. I’ve said it before keep up the fight on social media, before and after games etc etc as you have the right to an opinion but I’d rather stay up than “try to get relegated so we can get rid of them (the owners)”.

Looking to Leicester I do think we will need to start strong and win the fans over early on otherwise it will be a hostile atmosphere. We have a few players back and another week training can only be beneficial. I am again confident and again it is a must win game especially with the upcoming fixtures, I would mix experience with youth because as we all know we do have quite an experienced team that could offer guidance but also lacks legs and energy the youngsters would provide. I think we could create a team hungry to succeed and put my faith in Moyes and co to turn us around like we all should and hope to see all of us supporting the team against Leicester, Hopefully the start of our season!



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