A Tale Of Two Transfer Budgets

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Written by farehamhammer

Moysey and his staff got it in one! It’s the midfield that has been the problem for a long time now. NO messing about, out went the skipper after one match. At last a manager with balls! We were nervy to start with, and I’m not pretending it was a vintage performance, it wasn’t. But it was a much improved performance, and the lads were both fitter and committed to the cause. There was definitely more movement in midfield, to the extent that we pushed them back continuously in the second half. We lacked the creativity and final ball to open them up however, the trouble is that Manuel Lanzini is our sole creative outlet and the opposition know this. As a result more often than not teams have three men on him. We need to revamp that midfield come January, although I would not at all be surprised if Moyes used Andre Ayew as an attacking midfielder, almost like he used to use Marouane Fellaini at Everton. Playing Arthur Masuaku out wide was another indication that the manager has identified that we badly lack pace. However Michail Antonio does offer pace, but I’m not exactly a paid up member of the Antonio fan club. He is the Forest Gump of footballers in my opinion he has pace and does score a few goals, but doesn’t beat his man, does not track back and his ability to read the game is poor, and has been blowing out his arse after 20mins. Sergeant Major Moyes and Pearce will soon sort that out don’t worry about that.

The run up of results till the end of December, will determine how we approach the January transfer window. It is painful to even talk about it but the hard fact is this: At the moment we are in the relegation zone, if come December things have not improved results wise, then there is strong possibility that come the end of the season we will be in The Championship. There is no use being in denial about it, then money becomes a big issue and transfer targets change. Top players will NOT sign for you, if it is almost certain that The Club will be relegated. Secondly, is it feasible if you are going down to spend £35million on William Carvalho and say £3million for Jack Wilshire then you come to wages. Let’s say they are on £150,000 per week between them. In one year that is £7.2million. In The Championship? Having a laugh that is how Clubs go bust. It’s going to a case of saying to Jack Wilshire for e.g. “Jack we can only offer you a loan till the end of the season. If you do well and we stay up we will offer you a four year deal worth so much”.

We will then already need to have a plan in place that will take us straight back up. We will have to identify some of The Youth that we think can do a job in The Championship, and give them minutes on the pitch. I know it is early days yet but possibly the best signing we could make in The January window, is removing the six month get out clause in the gaffer’s contact. That is the worst scenario. Even if we have a good few matches and we are say 16th, players will be apprehensive about coming to us in case we get relegated. Selling Clubs knowing we are desperate, will charge us top dollar for any player we want. Players will be less reluctant to sign for us, but will almost certainly demand more clauses than Brexit in their contract. Either way the January transfer market will be extremely tough. No doubt David Sullivan will be on the blower to Moyes at some point in January and say: “David, I want you to sign this striker from Burundi. Highly recommended by Barry Silkman. One hundred goals in the Burundi second division. He is going to be worth more than Messi!” Be warned Moyesy, tell him to p*ss off😊! However much work needs to be done between now and January. We desperately need to build on the Leicester game and follow that up with three points against Everton on Wednesday, at David Moyes old stomping ground Goodison Park.

Everton are on the ropes and there for the taking. They are a classic example that it is all very well spending big money in the transfer window, but if you don’t know what you are doing you get taken to the cleaners. I think another important factor that has hampered us in the transfer window is the lack of receiving decent money on player sales. In seven years we have sold Scott Parker for £5million and Dimitri Payet for £25m. In a year Everton made £115m on the sales of Stones and Lukaku. I will confidently say this, if we had that amount of dough to spend we would not be where we are now! I don’t like Spurs or Daniel Levy but he has got the buying and selling of players in the market to a tee. He does not say to Mauricio Pochettino: “Mauricio! How much do you need this window? Ninety M?” In fact I doubt that he gives Pochettino that much more basic funds than Gold Sullivan. The difference being they have dough stashed away from previous windows. In simple terms six years ago we had Matt Taylor and Boa Morte in midfield, they had Van Der Vaart and Modric. The next level bring it on! But deep down you would have to say it is going to take a bit of work to get where we intend to be.

But first things first. We simply have to get three points at Goodison on Wednesday, and I believe if we are positive from the off we will. I know a veteran Everton supporter, who said that although their nickname is The Toffees they were also known as ‘The School of Science’. The reason being they played football the right way, on the deck, flowing inventive football. Just like we were renowned for. Let’s hope we are giving Everton a science lesson at the school of science on Wednesday. It is not just players who don’t want to join you when at the bottom, managers avoid you as well. Everton have offered big money to try attract big managers but have been snubbed. As a result David Unsworth is still caretaker manage. To say he has not been successful is an understatement, Everton have been absolutely dismal. Everton will be like a boxer reeling on the ropes, we have to knock them out. We have to produce that second half performance from the off pin them back and the mistakes will come. If we score first don’t close up shop, keep going and the goals will come! What team will the gaffer put out? I can’t see it differing that much from the Leicester game to be honest. I can see him dropping Bambi on ice Angelo Ogbonna and bringing in James Collins.

After that we have three tough games against Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. Beat Everton on Wednesday and confidence will really start to soar, then it is possible that we will take something off Chelsea or Arsenal. One of the things I’m finding baffling is the attitude of some fans on social media. Look we all have different viewpoints regards everything about our Club. But it seems that some would rather we lose every game 4-0 so they can say “I told you so!” Unreal! Thankfully the majority recognise that although far from being a vintage game against Leicester, it was a much improved game performance which augurs well for the rest of the campaign. I’m going for a 2-0 win against Everton and the much maligned Andy Carroll scoring his first goal of the season!

We are more than a football Club, we’re a way of life!




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