A reflection on the Arsenal match

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Written by @SKD_WHUFC

Firstly, I have nothing but praise for the last few games. Manager and players have got it all right and we are finally going in the right direction. I’m excited to watch us play each weekend again!

Now on to the game….

The team selection looked like it was pieced together with bubble gum and sticky tape. Clearly a quarter final is not on the priority list for Moyes which actually pisses me off no end. With no chance of a league position note worthy, we need to give everything we have for Cup games. I’m not talking about playing the starting 11 but we should have the same desire, drive and appetite for it. Either Moyes specifically instructed them to just compete, nothing more.. or change in confidence and work-rate is only happening with about 14 of the total squad. 1 shot from 90+ minutes shouldn’t ever be acceptable, let alone in a quarter final. FFS!

Here are some of my personal observations –

Quina – The lad is 2-3 years away from having any impact at the highest level. Looked very average against a second string Arsenal midfield.

Cresswell – Had more interest in dental surgery than playing on the right side. I don’t recall him going forward ONCE.

Rice – Decent without being spectacular. Not fast enough to play at wing back. Another strange decision.

Obiang – Good into tackles and to press but my god does the man need to work on how he helps us keep the ball.

Masuaku – I’ll get slated for this… but oh well… great on the ball but shocking in product. I don’t recall a shot, cross or critical pass in final third in quiet some time now.

Ayew / Chica – didn’t get any support of service other than chasing Arsenal players facing their own goal. They had to drop as deep as holding mid to even get the ball at their feet. I really felt for them tonight.

Reid / Collins / Og – Poor defending for the goal, but looked reasonable outside of that.

Hart – Unfortunately really showed why he is currently the second choice. Could have easily come out on the goal and was rash when coming for the ball, earning himself a yellow in the process.

Carroll – Needs to be shown the door this window. He prevents play from being fluid with his fouls and style of play. Lacks quality on the ground and doesn’t really have a desire right now. Feels as though he is collecting a wage cheque.

Sakho – Plays like he’s shopping himself around.

Resting players is one thing, but setting yourself up to fail with strange changes and a lack of gameplay is completely something else. With the fact we are unlikely to win the league in the next 10 years, if we treat Cup contests like this year after year, our drought will last longer than England’s World Cup drought. Very poor WHU.

Onwards and upwards to the Newcastle game with optimism that our league form continues.




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