A reflection on the Bournemouth Game

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Written by @SKD_WHUFC

Let’s get it out the way straight off the bat – Yes Madley got at least 2 critical decision VERY WRONG. He should be disciplined and removed from the premier league rotation.
1.Kouyate nearly got his head taken off and he only gave a yellow.
2.Overriding a linesman with clear view of the offside position

If the FA doesn’t take action, they will continue on their path to being the biggest laughing stock of the football world. The third goal was the perfect example of video replays being needed in this day and age, partly due to the cost of poor decisions and partly due to the lack of quality in refereeing in the premier league.

Now on to the game…

Bournemouth, a team without a win in 7 or 8 games had 56% possession, 24 shots (TWENTY FOUR), 7 corners and 82 more passes than us. Did we deserve a point? Not really…

So again we find ourselves in the scenario of asking why we are struggling against teams that we should be beating. Here are a few of my observations from the game.
1.Defensively poor again, Cresswell on a bit of a slide and Zab / Masuaku didn’t do well enough on their defensive side of the game.
2.Midfield continues to be poor, missed challenges and continued issues in distribution and ability to retain possession. Kouyate has no idea of shape and Obiang needs to be dropped until he can learn to pass the ball.
3.Up top we had ZERO strikers… against Bournemouth! Arnie made runs from the center to the left side of the field at least 10 times trying to find a way to get on the ball, leaving very little in the middle. Ayew is dependent on a real center forward to play off. When we did get some forwards on the approach changes to… fuck it.. lets just hoof it up because Carroll is 6’4.
4.Spend some time on set pieces – Why are we so shit at free kicks and corners? The Ginge goal today was one of the few decent set pieces we have taken this season. Shocking that we typically can’t even beat the first man.
5.Tactics – We have worked so hard to defend better that we have take all of the sting and pace out of our ability to attack. The likes of Lanzini are not able to effectively drive and players with pace. At times its like watching paint dry. Center backs play to wing backs who play across the center backs to a big channel ball to an offside Arnie. How many times have we seen that since Moyes took over? I’d guess we are averaging 8 offside decisions a game.

Arnie’s form and Lanzini coming back were about the only two positives I take away from today. Very little else happened that would make me feel like we have turned a corner. We even got lucky on our second goal.

So what’s the solution? Well…. this is just my opinion as a long time West ham fan. If Sullivan thinks 1-2 will do it in January, he’s having a laugh. It will cost him 100m in relegation ultimately.

First thing we have to do is START Chicha, best striker we have right now. Arnie will be more effective playing off him and we will be forced to play into feet. Maybe its time we had Reid | Collins Ogbonna as our back 3 and drop Cresswell?

Sell –

Carroll (5m)

Sakho (10m – China)

Kouyate (10m – anywhere)

Buy –

Dembele from Celtic from under BHA (18m)

Sturridge from Liverpool (Loan > Purchase in summer)

Calvaho – Sporting (35m)

Net loss of 28m which is pennies compared to going down.

We have clearly seen some signs of fight from the team in recent games but also the frailty of the end of Bilic era. Lets stay behind our club, players and manager (even if he’s not the long term solution needed) but DEMAND more from all areas, we will be watching this January Sullivan and Gold and yes I am available and interested in a role as sporting director!






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