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As the turkey cools and the sandwiches are being prepared it’s the closing games and the last final few football fixtures before the transfer window opens and the excitement starts!

The idea of a transfer window pleases some and utterly frustrates others. Artificially putting time limits or restrictions on the game – which is referred to as the beautiful game – and as such should surely be allowed to ebb and flow like a musical not halted by regulations. As we enter into 2018 the experts always say with statistics backing them up that those teams in the bottom three over the festive period tend to be those most likely to be relegated.

At PitchDMM we gather data from fans, look at views and results across all the top 20 Premier League clubs and then we share those amazing insights with managers, teams, and media pundits. We ensure that the fans choose man of the match and as time passes and more people download and use the app the louder our voice will become. Imagine the power of being able to tell a club’s manger that 95% of fans want to play a certain goal keeper.  Not only does that add pressure but it also helps give feedback for the manger to take into the dressing room. The manger can tell that keeper that the fans are behind him and help build his confidence…….. on the flip side the goal keeper not supported by the fans will have concrete evidence he needs to up his game. The results the app produces are, dare we say it game changing and our aim is to put the fans back in to the heart of the game.

Football needs to be commercial and make money – but what other commercial organisation doesn’t put its customers first and at the heart of everything they do. Yet Fans are more vital than a customer, they are the lifeblood of the organisation, so at PitchDMM will give the Fans a voice. It’s a feedback survey on steroids which is vital to help fans communicate to those who cannot normally be reached.

In January, the app moves to Version 3 and launches FanTime which will enable players and Managers to ask users questions and listen to direct responses. V3 will also allow users to compete against each other and to have mini leagues with their mates with points being earned for correct score predictions and team selections.

The future of football needs to be back with the fans …….. help us make that a reality and download the FREE app today.






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  • Joshua
    1st January 2018 at 12:26 am

    Like the App but picking squad is hard for Wingbacks & if wanted to play Rice in midfield etc. Sure that will change w updates.
    But great idea I like it.