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Flump9TV – Thoughts on the current situation with the West Ham Board

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This weekend the level of negativity increased and the backlash from fans became overwhelming.

Lots of fans are unhappy with The Board, their way of dealing with things and just want honesty.

I felt compelled to voice my feelings on the situation and thought I would record a short video to Karren, David Sullivan and David Gold, expressing my feelings.

I discuss the lies, the false promises and the need to constantly embarrass our club by publicly slating players that are contracted to our club. I would be massively appreciative if they were to acknowledge my polite video, explaining how I and lots of other fans feel. Do you agree with my thoughts or do you not understand the negativity? @flump9


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  • DT
    30th January 2018 at 10:32 am

    I’m sorry but whilst I accept we are not doing well (at the time of writing, only 11th in the best league in the world!) but your written introduction above is, you would have to admit, a little arrogant – ‘do you agree with me or don’t you understand the negativity’ You might just have well said ‘if you don’t agree then you’re too dumb to know what’s going on!’ Its supporters who keep saying ‘why don’t we do our transfers early in the window’, supporters who actually do know full well how difficult it is to get good players mid-season, when they’re playing well, and before their club has a replacement yet still moan who cause the negativity. They know its almost impossible to get players to move until they are certain they are not going to get a better offer elsewhere before the window closes, and its impossible to get clubs to ask a fair price for players once they know you’re desperate, yet they blame the board for not being able to work this miracle of early business or cruelly blaming the board for not trying when nothing could be further from the truth. The stadium – face this fact. Unless we have a stadium that holds near to or over 60,000 people then we have no chance whatsoever of moving to the next level. Love Upton Park, but it would eventually have been a barrier to moving to the next level. The Board have at least put the infra-structure in place for progress, it doesn’t appear to have happened but imagine the team if everyone was fit and it does start to look impressive – Lanzini, Arnautovic, Antonio, Mario, maybe Carroll, Noble, Obiang, Rice, at the time of writing maybe even Dendonker, Smolov, Cairney. You get the idea.
    My humble advice, be careful what you wish for as far as the Board is concerned. If nothing else, they have made the club an attractive proposition for some Russian oligarch or middle eastern sheik! (You are right about the public criticism of contracted players. That is a source of negativity!)