What a mad 24 hours!

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Written by Kevin Slade @KevinSladeSDCC

What a mad twenty four hours it’s been. I’m struggling on where to start, so I’ll begin on a positive note (for once!) and talk about our only deadline day signing, Jordan Hugill…

Like Joao Mario, Jordan is a player I know very little about. In fact, I’d never even heard of him until yesterday when the news was breaking across various media outlets and on social media. Firstly, I’d like to welcome Jordan to the club as it’s obviously a huge step in his career and he will need support from us. We love a grafter at West Ham – a player who will play for the shirt, dig deep, and basically give his all. I’m not expecting Jordan to score 20 goals a season, and I’m not expecting him to set the world alight. I took it upon myself to surf some Preston North End forums to learn abit more about him, and it looks like he boasts the attributes of a hard working forward who will hold the ball up for the midfield. YouTube (obviously!) was my next destination at this point, at the lad looks like he has a hell of a lot in his locker – strong, can finish with both feet, good in the air, quite quick, and has great feet for a ‘target man’. However the Premier League is a huge step from the championship, so I really hope he can make the leap and become a success with us. Good luck Jordan!
Leading on from this signing, the criticism the board received via social for it was something else… it’s very important that people understand it’s not Jordan’s fault he was bought from the championship. There’s two sides to this for me – we’ve plucked players out of the championship in the past who have gone on to become first team regulars for us, and although I really want the lad to do well for us, this signing shows a huge lack of ambition from the club after selling two established players in Sakho and Ayew, who can both do a job for us when called upon. For the life of me I just cannot understand why on God’s green earth we’d sell our top scorer (Ayew) to a relegation rival, who beat Arsenal 3-1 last night?! Ex confirmed on the show that Ayew wanted to leave… Fair enough, and although I’m not Andre’s biggest fan, he can still do a job for us. I would have held on to him until at least the summer where we can go again and find a suitable replacement for him as he’s a utility player. The squad is already wafer thin that’s absolutely ravaged with injuries so why this has been allowed to happen is anybody’s guess. This is what has angered me the most during this transfer window.
The sales of Sakho, Ayew, and Oxford going back out on loan has brought in approximately £33m… Around £8m of that was spent on Jordan Hugill. There’s still £25m of that floating around, so my theory is this – The board are either doing one of two things with the Money: They know David Moyes isn’t their long term man and are holding it back for a new manager in the summer, or, they’re quite simply pocketing it. I’d like to believe they’re holding it for a new manager, but my gut instinct tells me that business is business and they’re ‘entitled’ to pocket it. We will only know in five months time…
During the radio show last night the news regarding Tony Henry was broken. I’m absolutely astonished by this purely because he has personally scouted and recommended some of our African players – including youths. The fact that our strongest eleven consists of at least 4-5 players of African descent doesn’t send out a great message to them, does it? It’s a complete disgrace. The club is in an absolute mess at the moment and with the views that Tony Henry has, he has no place at this football club. Whoever is in charge of PR at the club either needs to be sacked or resign immediately because they are continuing to allow all of these fuck ups to happen & drag our great club through the gutter. And to be perfectly honest, I’m getting sick to death of it. Supporting this club is becoming arduous in every sense of the word lately, all due to the incompetence of how it’s being run.
I started this article on a positive note, so I want to end it on one as the world of West Ham United just seems to be doom & gloom at the moment. I’m very much looking forward to the Brighton game and now think we can nick a result there. If we get 3 points, that’ll bring us to the top half of the table again providing other results go our way! COYI


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  • Ian Gravett
    1st February 2018 at 10:07 pm

    Never laughed so much at show the other night with Ex throwing the F bomb HOORAY should be more of it, Spot On with your assumption

  • Randy Westman
    1st February 2018 at 10:11 pm

    I’m in America so I don’t know these answers for sure so I will ask. Are West Ham Season tickets significantly less than other bigger clubs? I know that TV money and sponsorships especially, matter but how can the bigger clubs afford to spend 50 or 80 millon on a player yer we can’t seem to consider more than 15? And we are basically playing in a free stadium? Feels like there is a lot of money disappearing from the club.

    Another question is in the January transfer window, if you are (have) been in a relegation fight why wouldn’t you do business early in the window to get those players for 4 or 5 extra games to help your position when considering the PL and FA Cup.

    I question why players don’t play well for us but move on and shine again (Victor Moses, Sakho). Is there something discouraging going on in the club for the players?

  • Jimbo
    1st February 2018 at 10:18 pm

    Why would Tony Henry hold the view that ‘they’ cause havoc in the dressing room? Surely his brief in the best of all worlds would be to simply find the best talent. This sounds like the sort of policy is more likely to come from above. Whether that be Moyes or more likely Sullivan it is unlikely that a scout would set that sort of limitation as a standard, particularly one who has had no such qualms in the past…

  • Graham Dunn
    1st February 2018 at 10:25 pm

    Well said although there may be some coralation to what Tony Henry said and the sales of both Ayew and Sacko and the ineptitude of Koyate’s performances this year and last. However as you say their is no place for the words he used in our beloved club. You also failed to mention Karen Brady’s comments in her column in the Sun regarding the Leicester owners which stopped us from signing Slimani on loan. We also need to spare a thought for Slav who lost his job because of the shabby way the club is run. if indeed they do get rid of Moyes at the end of the season I pity the new incumbent.

  • 2nd February 2018 at 7:18 am

    That’s the only two things the board can be doing with the money? Whilst I don’t think the board are being particularly smart or focused (or honest, for that matter), and I do agree that possibly the board don’t want to spend too much while we have a temporary manager, there’s a good chance that a fair amount of money is needed as a hedge against the massive costs that are likely to be incurred in capital investment. Remember the standing issue that everybody was stamping their feet about not long ago? Supposing our fans/officers of the club manage to stop embarrassing the club long enough for us to get approval for that. How much is that going to cost the club? Or how about the expanded capacity that the board still want to get? I agree that the board are displaying alarming incompetence and obscuring detail from the fans, but the world rarely resolves into such simplistic either-or situations.

    Now, the transfers:
    * Sakho – when he wasn’t injured he was throwing a strop. What have we actually lost by selling him?
    * Ayew – the majority view voiced was that he wasn’t all that – plus he demanded to leave, apparently. In which case, how much have we lost by selling him, and how much have we really strengthened Swansea by selling to them?

    Surely we’re better off trying out a promising striker who is actually fit to play? By no means do I disagree that the board are screwing a lot of things up at the moment, but I don’t think it helps to pose over-simplified, incomplete arguments and analysis. Unless the people that can change things are presented with accurate, well-thought-out arguments, they’ll simply ignore everything we say – all tarred with the same brush, so to speak.

  • 2nd February 2018 at 8:17 am

    You can’t blame the PR team for this one. How would they have prevented it? Vet every email that gets sent out? Unlikely but in any event surely that would be better policed by the in-house legal team? Who I imagine have better things to do – drafting up contracts for players we never sign! Ultimately there is no cure for stupid which is exactly what Henry has been.

  • G Force
    2nd February 2018 at 10:44 am

    It is possible that all the money reported for the sale of Ayew may not be all it seems., He was purchased not to long ago and as these payments are made over time perhaps the debt is still not fully cleated and this is just a matter of balancing the books..