Who The F*** Is Valon Behrami?

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Written by @farehamhammer

“I hope Hugill crashes his car on the way to his medical “was probably the worst of the negative crap spouted about Jordon Hugill. There were loads of the sneering “next level” and “Sullivan special” jibes as well. Without even having seen him play, many are writing the former barman off. This, is the same Jordon Hugill who Roy Hodgson, a shrewd judge of a footballer, tried to sign for Crystal Palace. The same Jordon Hugill, who Harry Redknapp said, was a handful and had the makings to do well at West Ham. It is a myth that Hugill is a “Sullivan special”. David Moyes has deep rooted connections at Preston North End, he no doubt took soundings about the player, as well as scouted him personally, liked what he saw and signed him. We have got to trust our manager! Not good enough? Seen him play? Of course, the doubters haven’t! The real reason for the negative attitude towards the player is, because he is British and plying his trade in The Championship.

A few years ago, I went to watch our pre-season friendly against Southampton at St Marys, we had just signed Valon Behrami from Lazio for 5.5 million. Believe you me I follow a lot of football, but I freely admit, I’m not someone like @RockyWhu who is a virtual footballing encyclopaedia. I’m sitting in my seat before kick off when the lad next to me shouts: “We have signed Valon Behrami!” I turned to him and said: “Who the f*** is Valon Behrami?” It was like a boxer being caught cold! He, didn’t have a bloody clue! If, you look on twitter you would think that nearly everyone is a ‘expert’ on foreign players! No, they are not. A leak will suddenly appear about a player been linked to a Club. Sometimes a player has no intention of leaving his Club, but just looking for a better deal. The players agent will then use another Club’s alleged interest to secure that deal.

The next thing you know social media is on fire, with everyone claiming that this or that player is class, just what we need to take us to the next ‘level’. Reality being that few people have seen enough of a player to have a sound opinion of a player. More than half hop on to YouTube have a look at a player’s best highlights and think, WOW this or that player is MUSTARD we MUST sign him! I, hold my hands up, I did it with Julian Faubert. Sadly, YouTube does not show anyone the worst of a player. There have been many wonderful talents from foreign shores, who have graced the beautiful game in this country. Players, better technically and far better skill wise than our own, players who have played the game the way Ron Greenwood always envisaged it should be played, with beauty and intelligence.

But in latter years a lot of players have arrived on these shores with great reputations and costing big money. Players who have not settled or have simply not been good enough. Players costing between £25-£30m. Six months later they are either loaned out or sold to someone else if lucky. Otherwise they are kept on your wage bill earning 60,000 per week for doing nothing, crippling clubs financially. Then people wonder why the transfer window was so quiet this month- it’s not just a West Ham thing! There is an ever-decreasing pool of talent worldwide, for a variety of reasons: Smaller families, kids have a whole variety of attractions. Children everywhere are far likely to be found on Facebook than kicking a ball around. You CAN still pick up a bargain in Europe and elsewhere, but it is much harder to do so.

Obviously, the transfer window was not a great success. BUT there were aspects that pleased me. First, off Moyes gave the kids a chance and most were found wanting. Football is a brutal game as Toni Martinez found out, now back in Spain and highly unlikely to be back. The, big plus about this window has been this: As long as David Moyes is manager of West Ham United we will not see Sullivan ‘specials’. Cheap South American imports from the likes of Barry Silkman or Mark Mackay specials. A striker signed from Brazil’s third division, who has scored 63 goals in 80 matches. The days of bum of the month is over believe you me. You heard what Moyes said: “No lucky dips” If Sullivan and the rest doubted him, they will have got the message by now. We have a strong and principled manager, who is more than capable of standing up to The Board.

I would have liked to have seen us get a couple more quality players in this transfer window. But at the same time, I am glad we did not sign absolute dross. Indeed, it is a mouth-watering prospect thinking of João Mário, Lanzini and Arnautovic on the same pitch. I am equally happy to trust our managers judgement, on the young and bustling Jordon Hugill. A player who was so happy to sign for us, on the pitch more than capable of keeping opposition defences busy, allowing the likes of Hernandez to feed off the scraps. Stay, away from West Ham? G&S killed our Club? No and No, we support and back the team! Not the Owners! Neither, can they kill The Club. WE ARE THE CLUB! It’s in the blood! No one can kill that! As our song would have it: Just like our dreams they fade and die. Many a time our dreams have indeed died. But that has not stopped us coming back for more. And it never will.

We are more than a football Club, we’re are a way of life!!



(Edited by Danny Twigg)


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  • Jeremy
    6th February 2018 at 8:17 am

    Excellent,level headed report, well said!