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It’s been a while and a lot has happened since my last article so felt compelled to write all of my thoughts regarding West Ham at the moment. This could be a long one…

Firstly wanted to talk about what David Sullivan has been saying in the media this/last week about our “net spend myths”. He says signing “bosman transfers” means agent and signing on fees etc and continues to say we’ve broke our transfer record twice with Ayew (whom we again sold back for a similar price) and Arnautovic signings which is true BUT our net spend by “the experts” has been tallied up just like every other club and you don’t hear them complaining about petty fees. Truth is we have not spent enough especially when you look how small our squad is at the moment and how much we’ve spent not to forget sold! You could argue about wages but then it is down to pure stupidity that we pay so much for our “seasoned internationals” who have done nothing for the past 2 years at the club which moves me on to my next subject.

I feel a director of football is badly needed but I fear David Sullivan is already backtracking from his “emergency meeting” after the Burnley game by now saying the manager will be in charge of signings (which I thought they he was meant to be anyway, well when things go wrong they are). We seem to have no philosophy, panic buy, no direction and not a single player from our youth academy has “made it” at the “academy of football” in maybe 10 years! I think David Moyes will stay on because of his low wages, easy to control, experienced “safe option” that should keep us up and will be an easy scapegoat should things go wrong. I feel like we will again sign over aged average players on high wages because it is the “safe option” eg Cairney, Fellaini and Drinkwater (just a few names we have been linked with). I feel David Sullivan will still have a “hands on approach” when comes to signing players but easier to blame David Moyes now with what he has been saying although saying that these types of players do seem like David Moyes signings, he’s old fashioned and that’s the type of long term football we should expect under his leadership. Certainly not the “next level”.

David Sullivan has said he wants to stay here for at least 5-6 years (which conveniently coincides with the deadline of which if David Sullivan leaves before will have to share a percentage of profit with the government for the stadium conversion costs).  I think now he does only care for money and knows he won’t ever win any real love back from the West Ham fans which is a shame because the last season at UP was such a special season and there was so much promise going in to the London stadium that could have been managed so much better. I think with the position we were in their job was actually harder to fail than succeed and could right now probably have made more money, kept Payet and actually have love of the fans but move was built on lies and plan to make money whilst spending as little as possible trying to take us for mugs and changed a transfer policy and philosophy that had built the team that took us to Europe from the Championship.

I always said David Moyes was the right man for the situation we were in and little other options on offer getting our players fitter and making sure we put in 100% no matter how little possession we hold or little attackers we utilize we’re nearly safe and have done well considering injuries. My problem is will Moyes take us to the “next level”? Will he ever have a special bond with the supporters? I don’t think so, his approach to games is so negative and looking at his past transfer windows I can’t see the fans getting too excited about the future either. Have you ever seen a team get Europe or Champions league by playing 0 recognised strikers and 5 atb against a relegation threatened side (Stoke in our case)?? Ok in our position, it was vital we didn’t lose but looking at his history and too be happy after the performance and literally silence the press in doing so is a sign of things to come. We have one of the most deadliest poachers in the world sitting on our bench for Christ sake!

What I would do going forward? It’s hard to say not knowing our status in the league for next season but say we do just stay up being 7 points clear of relegation with 5 games remaining and a game in hand to some teams around us I’m quietly confident even with a tough fixture list ahead. I would first hire a DOF, main candidate Eduardo Macia who is currently Leicester’s DOF, he has great experience working at some top clubs bringing in some now well-known players and building great foundations at clubs working with some top managers inc Rafa Benitez whom I think we should also bring over, he was once hours away from signing for us before Real Madrid come calling and has done wonders with Newcastle whom have a below average team and virtually no money to spend. I do think we could temp him in by bringing Eduardo Macia, big wages, 60m and freedom to buy and sell whom he wants to rebuild. I think we will get a whole new foundation, philosophy, scouting network, transfer policy and a proper shake up from top to bottom at the club. I think we would see more youth, attract better players and get a decent style of football fans would be proud of and a manager fans could get behind with a very impressive CV. If David Sullivan is to be true to his word and take a step back (should this scenario happen) I think he should then be focusing on the London Stadium and its owners trying to fix the huge problems e.g. stewarding, policing, seats, screen, facilities and turf around the pitch. I think us owning the stadium would be better for everybody but I know that would be very hard and eman considerable investment but at least better communication and investment is needed with regular meetings inc West Ham fans that David Sullivan/Karen Brady ATTENDS every time unlike the very inconsistent unprofessional meetings that happen right now. I feel these changes at the end of the season should we stay up could change the club and turn us around benefitting EVERYBODY. Obviously would depend on lots of different circumstances but is the sort of direction I feel we should be going in.

I hope you enjoyed reading, there’s so much more I want to say but it would go on for ever but check out my twitter account @kaz7289 if you want to listen to anything else I have to say, debate or talk about anything West Ham! Please give me your feedback and opinions on what direction you think the club should be going in.



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