Transfer Targets Ideal for Penny Pinchers: A Selection

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Written by Steven McCarthy @StevenMcCarthy9 

First up, the ultimate penny pinchers market – the Free Agent!
I know, there is never really such a thing as a “free” transfer anymore, with those pesky agents demanding huge sums, but this is a season when there really is a number of top players available with no Club or pesky Wine Loving Chairman for our owners to be branded with dildo tags or fall out with, so these could all be smart moves.
Before I get into the article, I have left out the obvious choices of Fellaini and Blind, with the chosen representing what I think would be the most tempting to the board financially.
Remember how much the 2 Daves love a bargain or ability to be sold for profit….or at least just consider me an eternal optimist and go easy on me with some of the choices!

First up, is the most obvious of all on this list – Jack Wilshere:
The Great White Hope of the English National Side, we saw him compared to the likes of Xavi, Scholes and Pirlo from day one and whilst we all know he is a West Ham fan, that love of the club seems to have been symbiotic with him having a fondness for injuries, as if he were already a Hammer in more than just mind!
I don’t want to be too harsh on the lad, because I love watching him as a footballer and I think if we were able to get him on a reduced wage of around 70,000 a week or a high, pay as you play, to match his Arsenal wages, then it could be a fantastic move!
However this move has all the signs of a Gold & Sulli special, the “ambitious” signing to state our intent and add quality only to just hide our clear lack of depth till he inevitably picks up a knock.
Therefore, unless we get Jack late on after a couple more Central Midfielders are signed, I think we should him avoid at all costs!
At 26 he still has the potential to be a long term addition and even turn a profit  should Lewin be able to keep him on the pitch regularly.

I’ve also chosen not to include more CM’s yet, as I think this is an area we need to spend in and if the likes of Southampton and Stoke go down, then Badou NDiaye, Joe Allen,  Ward-Prowse, Lemina and Romeu should be near the top of our shopping lists!

Up next a player who I genuinely had to Yahoo search check because he’s been around so long, I didn’t believe Google when it told me he doesn’t turn 23 until July.
That is the talented comfort eater that is, Luke Shaw! (I’m sorry Luke, I saw too many memes of you as Üter from The Simpsons being whipped by Mourinho’s towel!)
Now I know that at Left Back we have a couple of options available in Cresswell and Masuaku, however both are susceptible to either lapsing in concentration or not quite performing their defensive duties fully.
Which is why I would sign Shaw to give us the option of pushing Masuaku forward with his quick feet and excellent eye for a pass, with the fallback of 2 young English left footers to overlap with pace or allow Cresswell to move into a Left sided Centre Back position.
With the incredibly good PR machine that is Evra hopefully retiring at the end of the season, he would be an ideal replacement.

Moving over to the opposite side of the pitch, two choices are players who both offer very different approaches in terms of club level.
Ryan Fredericks being the more realistic of the 2, with a solid frame, 6ft height and blistering pace, he is more than built for the English game and with Zaba as his mentor/rival for a spot in the starting lineup I think you could see his weakest element of composure going forward improve.
Fredericks is versatile and can play a midfield and defensive role on both the left and right sides, making him a handy addition to a side not exactly known for staying injury free!

The ambitious choice, well….I’ll get my hard hat on for this because this one really is a long shot.
Achraf Hakimi, a fast, athletic and talented on the ball, 19 year old whose contract at Real Madrid runs out in July.
Very much a raw talent at the moment, he has huge potential, he shows a work rate and reading of the game I’ve seen in a certain young Hammer this season.
And although rumours of Italian Clubs and a potential new contract are out there, the last solid rumour I can remember, was a move to Newcastle!
I think we have a lot to offer with Premiership game time under the guise and teaching of Zaba being a tempting proposition to any young player.

I personally like both the above players and if we signed Fredericks, I think Byram’s days could be numbered, so why not try and sign a youngster who signals a chance to turn a huge profit for the club should he develop as projected.
The players chosen give us numerous options on both the left and right side of the pitch in defence and attack, so we should be able to field a strong bench even with West Hams famous Ancient Burial Ground style injury curse on the squad.

Moving into the forward areas of the pitch we have some attacking options, my last somewhat realistic pick is Jonathan Bamba, a player we have been linked with previously.
I am a big fan of the young French man who is out of contract at St.Etienne in the Summer, and he has a big future ahead of him.
Bamba’s pace, skill on the ball, great passing and wicked right foot should make him a hit with fans at any club, however the area that impresses me the most for such a young player is his work rate!
Bamba isn’t a juggernaut of a player physique wise like Antonio, but he uses his frame and low centre of gravity incredibly well to stay on his feet and often win back possession for his side, which was something an incredibly talented French player we previously signed did not do half as much…
Whilst I am not going to build up expectations of a youngster too much, there is a lot to like about this player and signs he could go one to be at any top club in European football.
For me, his ability to play across the front 3 and performances lead me to believe this would be a costly free transfer, but one I can see being the most fruitful on and off the pitch.

I’lll end my round up with a bit of a long shot!
But with rumours of 2 of our highest profile players in Lanzini and Hernandez potentially looking to leave, we could well see a huge sum in transfers and wages available.
So why not go all out and aim big with my Pie In The Sky Pick!
Shakhtar Donetsk’s small, pacey and creative attacker Bernard!
The 25 year old Brazilian has made no secret of his ambition to play in one of Europe’s top leagues and with some good performances in the Uefa Champions League and a great goals and assist record in Europe I think he will be monitored by numerous clubs.
3 goals and 3 assists in said Champions League, 3 goals and 4 assists in the Europa League and a great 14 goals and 24 assists in 95 Ukrainian League games I think he won’t come cheap, but why not look to make a statement.

I believe Leicester is a winnable games for us, with the clubs around us facing tough fixtures, and relegation a mathematical long shot, I think we can get safe and look to chase signings in the window!
Let’s finish the season behind the team and voice our desire to see change and ambition in the market from our owners, away from the 90 minutes on the pitch!

I’m @StevenMcCarthy9 on Twitter and if you let me know what you think of the picks and article below, I’ll pick more transfer targets and free agents to sign.


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