Effort and application-that is all we ask for!

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Written by Alan Measom

Effort and application.  Those 2 things are all we ask for from our team and today we didn’t see either of them.  I’m just watching match of the day and I’m seeing West Brom, Palace, Stoke, Huddersfield and Southampton all playing for their managers and their own survival.

We don’t have rubbish players, despite what Moyes said after the game today about not having the quality.  When we played our last season at Upton Park, these players were immense, you can use the spirit of the Boleyn rubbish if you like but they are capable of so much more.

Remember when we were linked with Hodgson and people were scoffing saying we don’t want Woy? I’d take him over Moyes any day now, wouldn’t you? He has their flair players, playing for him and each other.

Remember when Moyes came in to a fanfare of quotes “if you don’t train you won’t play” “if you don’t run you won’t play” I think a lot of us focused on the strong coaching team of Moyes, Irvine, Pearce and McKinley, I really like Stuart Pearce as a player and a man but not as a coach.  How can we have had Dicks and Pearce as coaches but yet still can’t defend?

The hard man status doesn’t wash with me and I couldn’t care if we had a quiet, retiring, non masculine manager, I just want us to be committed and try.  That’s it.

What I can’t understand is the contradiction from the board, Moyes is their preferred choice but he has benched our top earner Hernandez and if Moyes stays, Javier goes, how are we going to feel if he goes to Everton, Spurs, Burnley etc and bangs in 20
Goals?  The board have invested 15m on Javier and another near 8m in wages.  Just doesn’t make sense.

So Leicester next, a team fresh off a thrashing at palace with nothing to play for, cue them grinding out at least a point at home against us. COYI


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