Sullivan Is This As Good As It Gets?

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Written by @farehamhammer

All Moyes fault? Dream on! As per usual The Cons little lackeys are working on behalf of the cons, desperately trashing, David Moyes, in any way they can. Desperately trying to deflect blame away from the lying, thieving, self-styled “Messiahs” who own The Club. Always the manager never the self-styled “Messiahs”. I’m not saying that Moyes is blameless, he most certainly is not. However, the real reason that we are, where we are, is due to EIGHT years of lies and MORE lies and a chronic lack of investment by the “Messiahs”. Who appointed Moyes in the first place? Who said he would have money to spend in January? You got it in one. The Messrs. What did they do in January? Sold Ayew and Fonte for £26 million, bringing in Mario for £2m on loan and Jordan Hugill for £9m. All that matters to the Messrs is money. Whether it be ripping the “Customers” off, by charging them £10 to join the non-existent 50,000 waiting list for season tickets or making phantom ‘bids’ for a player! Bids they know are time wasting and insulting to the selling Club. Or offering a player they are ‘trying’ to sign, peanuts for personal terms, ensuring that the ‘deal’ collapses. When it comes to money the Messrs certainly are a bag of ‘party’ tricks.

Through their years at The Daily Sport, they have built up a whole array of contacts to spin their lies and to garner their sympathy, when they get found out. Divide and rule has always been their aim. Whether it be Birmingham City Football Club or West Ham United, they are RUTHLESS people who lie when their lips move. FOUR, relegations on their C/V, tells you they would rather be relegated than invest in their football team. We bid 25m for Joe Allen but Stoke couldn’t get their signing over the line. We had a bid for James Maddison accepted, but David Moyes did not want him, we ‘just’ failed to get Leo Dendoncker, as we ran out of time to do a medical “All utter BOLLOCKS”! Nobody is interested in that crap anymore, and neither are they interested in reading that Sullivan is working “twenty-four hours round the clock in a bid to bring new signings in”! When he is lounging around his pool in Marabella. Lies, lies and MORE lies!

I just shake my head when people say: “Bring in Rafa Benítez, Eddie Howe or this manager or that in. No decent manager wants to work for the Messrs. Their name stinks in the world of football. They interfere and publicly ridicule the manager, when they feel like it, and he is still expected to be competitive with a team built on cheapies, freebies and loan after loan. Would you want to work under such a set up if you are an ambitious manager? Not on your life! Yet they get people to put it across that if you boo and chant: “SACK THE BOARD”! It will prevent deals for players that they already have in place, from joining us. As a player would be put off by the toxic atmosphere. No people are not fooled, they know who the problem is. You only had to listen to Mark Sager on Talk Sport, to realise that. Public opinion, is turning irreversibly against the Messrs.

About 87% of West Ham’s support want them out. The other 13%? Well it’s like certain relationship statuses: complicated! Like, the rest of us they know what the Messrs are all about. But to them, it’s almost like being deeply in love with a partner who is a serial love cheat, yet they love the partner so much they hope somehow, they will mend their ways. Similarly, the 13% are giving The Messrs one last chance… till the end of The Summer window. BUT they MUST spend big. This after EIGHT years of lies and MORE lies, and a chronic lack of investment? There is more chance of Hillary Clinton giving Donald Trump a blow job than that happening! Where is the money coming from? Everything the Club owns is mortgaged to the hilt. Sullivan is ALREADY getting his tearjerkers in. Crying, about agent fees and signing on fees blah blah. Watch out for the newest gem! “We couldn’t clinch deals as the transfer window closed too early 6th of August”.

Well what do we do to get rid of them? That is not going to be easy unfortunately. They had to do with fans turning against them while they owned Birmingham, that did not phase them too much. The way they wore their old flat caps incognito against Southampton. Indicated they liked their role of Villains of The London Stadium. Indeed, Sullivan has said that if they have not turned things around in five years they would be off, conveniently when they can sell up without having to pay any penalties. No chance! Leave West Ham in the hands of a couple of ruthless asset strippers, will see us land up like Sunderland or worse. No time for apathy, no time for turning back, it’s time to fight for the soul of West Ham United. Going on social media and tweeting! Sell up! or F*** off! You have destroyed our Club! (I do it as well!) But in reality, it is about as effective as Trump coming on stage and going on about ‘crooked’ Hillary and his supporters shouting LOCK HER UP!! Some sixteen months after the USA Presidential election.

At present West Ham’s fanbase, passionate as it is, it is all over the place. Some have marched, some have been up to see Brady. Some are not sure whether to march, say a prayer for The Club. The Messrs have been successful at dividing us. No more! Time for us to unite, time to elect one body to take the fight forward, time for leaders to organise and mobilise West Ham’s passionate support. If we March, we march as ONE! One powerful voice of defiance! It is not just about marching either, one must be thankful to those groups of supporters, who took time off from work to meet with Brady. Dialogue must be kept with the “Messrs”. But no longer can they be allowed to dictate what they will talk about and what they won’t. Beer shelves, more Claret seats, a better match day experience. Yes, that is nice. But it’s time to talk about finances, transfer budget for this window. Director of Football, bringing in someone LIKE Zola NOT as manager, but to work with the youth and first team on a one to one basis, to improve the technical ability of all our players. You only have to look at the inability of our midfield, to do simple things like retaining possession, to realise we badly need someone to work one on one with the players.

We also need to know what the plans are to overhaul our scouting system. Karren Brady’s decision to get rid of most of our scouts has not paid dividends. For the last few years, we have been signing rejects from the top Clubs in the Premier League, as well as Europe. One or two like Declan Rice and Nathan Holland have done well, but the majority have not made the grade at our Club either as they are simply not good enough. Let’s not be too depressed about our Club, there is enormous potential! But it is being run to the ground by a pair of wideboys!! The sad part about it is this: Contrary to what many think, they DO know how to run a football Club! They have the ability to identify top transfer targets before anyone else but won’t spend the bloody money! However, they are not going to sit down and discuss anything meaningful willy nilly. I’m afraid we are in a desperate situation, it’s time to March or time to die! A massive and united March is the one thing they don’t want and fear. Time to put our differences behind us and FIGHT for West Ham United! If we cannot do that, then they will kill West Ham United… bit by bit. Surely, we can’t let them do that?

We are more than a football Club, we’re a way of life!!!


(Edited by Danny Twigg)


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