Which players should we target next season and who should leave

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Written by: Mads Hartov @hartov_mads

The rumors are everywhere, and players from across the globe are being linked with every premiership club like there is no tomorrow .

That includes our beloved claret and blue.

Except, we are primarily being linked with relegation players and championship players. That’s not for me.

I understand that we are not Chelsea or Man Utd and i am not delirious, but i really do feel that if we are to avoid the same type of season as we are in now, we have to be a little more ambitious. So here are my choices, that could be realistic for the summer.



I am all for Moyes out, and i was close to tears when he was announced, but hopefully he will be gone by june 1st. (hopefully straight after a win at Leicester)


For me he would be an amazing asset for the club. If he gets what he wants, he can do us some magic. When he won the CL with Liverpool, he had a terrible team imo, but he got them playing together and they beat the best AC Milan team in the 00’s. But hey lets not dwell more on him, he is still at Newcastle, and we dont know what Ashley has to offer.


This one popped up on my timeline a couple of days ago, and i was immediately intrigued.

I personally rate this guy very high, and i think he has done a decent job everywhere he has been. The only problem i can see with him, is getting along with the board. He is very charismatic, and he plays great football. Also Players tend to like him at the clubs he has been at. He has also been very good at utilising South American players skills, which is very interesting for me because of a couple of players. Of course Lanzini, but also a lad that i will get to later with the transfers.


Silva, Wagner & Howe don’t really rub me the right way. Why, i honestly can’t tell you, there is just something about them i don’t see happening at West Ham.

Players in

William Carvalho

This one was close earlier, and i was fuming that it didn’t happen. He is exactly what we need, and he is a great footballer.

I believe that he can do magic in the centre for us. Send the Sporting owners some flowers, apologise and get this done.

Rui Patricio

So while ordering the flowers and writing the apology for the Sporting owners, send som chocolate too with a bid for Rui Patricio.

He has had a good career so far, and being 30, he still has a lot of years in him.

To be honest, i do not know a lot about him, and i have only seen him in the Euros, the WC qualifiers, and playing for Sporting in Europe.

But i really like what i have seen, and i would to se him in that horrible yellow shirt:)

Timo Horn

Young german goalkeeper. Thats three words every football fan loves to hear.

Had he been from another country, he would be their number 1 or 2. But he is competing with Neuer, Leno, Fährmann, Ter Stegen, Baumann, Trapp, well the list goes on.

He has 1 year left of his contract, he has just been relegated with Cologne, so there might be an opportunity to get him on the cheap. 

He basically have the same stats this season as Butland (one we have been linked with many times) some stats better and some worse, and imo Cologne has a terrible defence compared to Stoke.

Lautaro Martinez

20 year old Argentine, who plays for Racing Club in Argentina. I am really amazed that i have not seen one single rumour about him moving to any european clubs. Why am i amazed and why should we go get him?

At 19 years he had 26 appearances for Racing and 9 goals, that is an ok stat. This season at 20, he has had 24 appearances and 17 goals, thats a great stat. I have been trying to keep me saliva inside my mouth the last 6 months because of him, but it is hard. He is incredibly fast, he is strong, and he does some great things with the ball. I have never ever watched the argentine league before this season, but he got me in.  

WOW what a player. If we only sign one player, he is the one!

J. Mario

I think he has done a fair job, and i think if we would have had a more inspired manager, he would have done a lot more.

Keep him!

Players out


Can he do magic in the air, Yes! Can he help out in defence, Yes! Do i want to keep him, absolutely not!

What a plonker! Having a row with the manager (whether you like Moyes or not) at this point of the season, and in the situation we are in, that is just beyond stupidity for me. He has just show us that he rates himself over everybody else. I don’t do violence, but i hope Noble gave him a good slapping after that! Jesus! I want him far away from our club, very far.


We shouldn’t have brought him here in the first place.


I feel so sorry for this bloke. A move to a premiership club, and just being the laughing stock, because the owners just needed to do a transfer to keep us fans happy. I hope he i send to a club where the manager rates him and the board wants him. But hey, if he got a big sign on fee, good on him.


Being a dane and going to the SuperLiga every weekend, i remember when he played for FC Midtjylland. He was very good and to good for that league, but i did not think he was good enough for the premiership, and especially not for West Ham. But honestly he won me over in our Championship season. Unfortunately i am back at my initial thoughts. I don’t rate him highly anymore. I like him but the injuries and his standard is not up to par anymore. Hate to say it, but West Ham comes first.


When we brought him in. I was excited and i remember telling one of my friends “look out for the new Yaya”

Boy did i get that thrown in my face on a regular basis.

I have always liked him, but i just hate it when players look like they would rather be at home eating Doritos, than be on the pitch.

Sorry Kouyate, but i can’t defend you anymore.

This is just my opinion, and i hope you have yours too.

COYI from Denmark!


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