Do It For Sir Alex Ferguson, Do It For John Lyall, Do It For West Ham!!

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Written by @farehamhammer

So, it’s Manchester United up at The London Stadium next! What a time to play them with Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United’s legendary former manager holed up in hospital. Following a brain haemorrhage, which has left him fighting for his life. Alex Ferguson, is a “managerial colossus in anyone’s terms, the greatest manager of my era and probably of all time”! Ferguson, who hails from the tough Govan area on the banks of the river Clyde in Glasgow, will no doubt be able to call on that tough inner strength in the most important battle of all. The Battle for life! Ferguson is a winner undoubtedly, his 27year career at Manchester United, has seen him win every trophy possible. His team’s played good attacking football in doing so. He has been fiery, a bully and controversial, many players and journalists, have fallen victim of his famous “hairdryer” treatment over the years, he is also an absolute master of mind games. I can still see him now, screaming at the fourth official, pointing at his watch, as he sought to gain a precious minute or two for Manchester United. An absolute managerial genius! But, it was not always like that for Sir Alex Ferguson. Indeed, in the early years at Old Trafford, he came close to losing his job.

At times like that true friends are few and far between, but he had one our very own John Lyall. In 2006 Ron Greenwood and John Lyall, The Club’s greatest managers passed on. The Club had a special dinner, at The Boleyn in honour of them. Being a close friend of The Lyall’s, The Club invited Sir Alex and his wife Cathy as guests of honour. Despite Manchester United playing a crucial match midweek, down came Sir Alex and gave his speech. In the speech he referred to West Ham as a “great football Club with proper supporters”. Needless to say, he virtually lifted the roof when he finished speaking. I got a chance by sheer co -incidence, to ask him about his friendship with Johnny Lyall some ten years ago. I, was in Glasgow Airport when I spotted him, Manchester United had just drawn 1-1 with Celtic in The Champions League. Going on his reputation, I was pensive about approaching him, but I did.

I introduced myself and told him I was a West Ham supporter. I asked him about his friendship with John Lyall, he said Lyall was a “Man of integrity, a loyal friend, a person who you could pick up the phone to, night or day, he absolutely loved West Ham. “Be proud of your colours son, proud of your colours son” Smiled, patted me on the back and off he went! Proud of your colours son… Sir Alex is right. We have every reason to be proud of our colours! West Ham have always stood for decency. We have always had a reputation of being fair, applauded good football even by the opposition. We love our flair players, players who could do something special, players who could get us standing up out of our seats. We also appreciate players who may be not as talented, but who always give 100% to the cause. West Ham till I die is the one. There is much despondency surrounding our great Club at the moment. Many are unhappy with the new ground, promises that have been made by The Owners and not kept. Promises, of investment in the team, that would take us to the next level have left the fans feeling cheated. Fans, have said the answer is to boycott games at The London Stadium.

Yes, people may have said that… but deep down, in the words of Sir Alex Ferguson, we are too proud of our “colours” to do that. Our “Colours” are inherited, handed down to us by Grandad’s, Nan’s, Dad’s, Mum’s and various relatives. In most cases by someone special. Stay away from supporting our team because of Gold and Sullivan? No Chance! As for The London Stadium we have simply got to make it work. Yes, I like many loved The Boleyn, but there were awful days there too. Times when we lost 4-0, when the atmosphere was toxic, or it felt like being in a morgue. Going on about The Boleyn every five minutes, is not going to bring our beloved ground back. It is like a beloved who passes away. In, the beginning they are missed terribly, but during the passage of time the pain disappears, and the good times are remembered. Almost, like a grieving process. To, reach that stage is simple, West Ham have got to start playing well, and win football matches on a regular basis at The London Stadium.

Do that and you get a happy medium: You remember the good times at The Boleyn and you are optimistic about the future as a West Ham supporter. I’m not saying all the other problems will disappear at all. They won’t! Wars and battles will have to be won, to see our great Club reach its undoubted potential. But tomorrow night gives us the chance to do the decent thing, time to chant there is only ONE ALEX FERGUSON! ONE ALEX FERGUSON! ONE ALEX FERGUSON! So hard that Fergie can hear it from his hospital bed! Those who want to make a banner with: Get well Fergie on it, do so! Do it for Sir Alex Ferguson. Do it for John Lyall and do it for West Ham.

Why West Ham? Because we are West Ham, just like our relatives who have gone before us. Hard-working, loyal and decent people!

We are more than a football club, we’re a way of life!



(Edited by Danny Twigg)


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