What can we expect from Pellegrini?

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So after our most recent car crash of a season, now is the time for a fresh start, new ideas and a new sense of optimism. The first hurdle is obviously the manager and will obviously be a huge indication of what direction we will be going in and whether the fans get on board or not. So it seems one is now all but officially done reasonably early on in ex Real Madrid and Man City manager, Manuel Pellegrini. Pellegrini is a massive step in the right direction doing fantastic jobs at both Manchester City and Real Madrid winning multiple trophies in the process but also the less talked about incredible work he done at Malaga and Villarael turning lower mid table clubs in to Champions league clubs winning more trophies and going on long European runs in the process.

What can we expect from Pellegrini if he is appointed? I think we can expect an experienced manager who demands respect, quality total football and hard work from the players. He usually plays 4-2-3-1 or a 4-4-2 (of sorts) but isn’t afraid to adapt. He likes attacking players that are fast, defend from the front and can pass and can hold on to the ball, Usually has his full backs stretching the opposition and creating space which his midfielders and/or fast tricky wingers can move or pass into. He usually plays with tall physical strikers (ie Rondon, Negredo and Jovetic most noticeably in the past) whom are strong, good in the air (where set pieces are pivotal to his style), can play on the ground, good reading of the game and can finish but again this can adapt as he has also used smaller strikers like Rossi and Aguero who still don’t lack in the physical part but have that extra pace which can kill teams. I’d like to see Hernandez get another go as he is the best finisher we have had and cried out for in years but needs to work harder off the ball. Pellegrini’s approach to attacking football could help get the most out of the likes of Lanzini and Arnautovic, whilst maybe actually trying to kill off games instead of sitting deep and watching the inevitable happen. Now although he does appear to focus on attack more than defence he does rely heavily on his defenders especially in opposition counter attacks where they need to be quick, strong and read the game well. He normally plays with centre backs that can pass and play from the back with quick well rounded full backs. Rice, Og and Masuaku fit the bill perfectly, under the right management should thrive imo.

What sort of players could we expect to be brought in? (So this is purely guess work based on Pellegrini’s past and a few names I’d like to see come in) I do feel like Arnautovic, Lanzini, Ogbonna, Rice, Masuaku and potentially Obiang (if they can stay fit) could have key rolls next season leaving us to focus on a younger more energetic right back, someone to partner Arnie up front, a physical central midfielder who can pass, a fast tricky winger, Hart replacement and maybe even a set piece specialist.

In right back someone that’s been linked in Fredericks could defo be an option and something we haven’t had in a while with his pace and work rates.

In midfield I have a feeling we could be seeing Yaya or as I like to call it, “a Sully wet dream”. With him playing in a crucial part for Pellegrini before, ex team mates with Zaba and perhaps the sort of midfielder we’ve been crying out for it would be a big coup on “a free” if the wages come down (a lot). Someone else I’d like who’d perhaps be a younger option is Shelvey who supports the club, big and physical but also knows how to split a team with his passing and can add goals from midfield.

Up front another name that will probably be doing the rounds (if Pellegrini is appointed) is Rondon, he played a huge part under Pellegrini at Malaga, scoring a goal nearly every 2 games. He’s fast, physical and can finish playing for recently relegated WBA, we could get him in for a cut price fee. Balotelli another one on a free now who’s most recently torn France apart earning him a call up back to Italy and friends with Arnautovic. They could be the most “basterdry” duo we’ve ever had upfront! I’d personally like to see a Vardy type of player alongside Arnautovic whose fast, strong can finish, excellent reading of the game and just the complete player in the name of Josef Martinez (research him).

On the wing I think Adama Traore would be an exceptional signing with Boro in the Championship and him at just 22 yo there is still time to develop and has dramatically improved this season under Pulis. He has most dribbles and take ons in Europe and is incredibly fast but is improving in other areas now too, I think with players like Lanzini and Arnautovic around him he will thrive and cause defenders chaos.

I feel like we need a “creator”, Our set pieces and distribution in general have been poor even resulted in giving other teams goals on the counter and shows just how crucial it is to the game. We miss Payet big time and although it will be hard to replace him we need someone who can make things happen, create chances, take set pieces and whip in a ball from the left again. Any suggestions let me know!

Thanks for reading, sorry if it was a bit rushed but I have been busy so thought I’d get all my thoughts about the potential appointment in one article instead of clogging up your timeline with my tweets. Let me know your thoughts!  @kaz7289


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