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Yesterday’s gone ,don’t stop thinking about tomorrow ,it will be better than before .Liverpool or no Liverpool ,Sunday was poor. Does it make for a poor season ?Of course not !Some great signings which give us options! Good manager! I will get to the Liverpool fiasco in a moment .But let’s take a look at the bigger picture and we will see, that we have every reason to be excited about this season .Over and over for eight long years, my criticism of Gold and Sullivan has been ABSOLUTELY RELENTLESS Cons! freebies! cheapies! liars! loans! Never letting up for eight years. In the beginning few agreed with me ,by the end of last season few disagreed with me. I am not sorry for my stance ,I believed what I said was true and ,I still believe that now .However I am sorry, that from time to time I did stray from decency .Joe Louis the great American boxer said of his opponents :”They can run but they can’t hide “.Well I don’t intend to run or hide .The simple fact is : this summer Messrs Gold and Sullivan, have done the Club proud during the transfer window .No if’s or buts about that.

They appointed Manuel Pellegrini and given him a free hand  and backed him to the tune of £100 million in the transfer window. Pellegrini  gets to Rush Green training ground and discovers the training pitches have no under soil heating Then people wonder why we have such horrific injury lists, At times things got so bad injury wise , that I wondered if Harold Shipman’s twin Brother was our Club doctor.Still better late than never, the Chairman agreed to Manuel Pellegrini’s request, and a training ground upgrade is  about to be done .As far as the football side of things is concerned, they have left it largely down to Manuel Pellegrini and Mario Hullisos.

It has not just been about transfers and the first team. There has been a whole restructuring  in the how The Academy works. Talented youths like  Xande  Silva, amongst others that have been brought to the Club. Quality not quantity, is  what team Pellegrini intends to bring to The Academy. Pellegrini has taken great interest in The Academy and its future stars .He gets it in one. It is unsustainable to spend £100 million each transfer window. The Academy has got to start producing first team players .Pellegrini has taken his time in having a careful look at every player at the Club .Even things like sending players on loan has been carefully looked at .

In a nutshell West Ham, have been like a house that has been demolished ,new foundations have been laid and a rebuilding process has taken place .An incredible amount of hard work has been done this summer .True we are not the finished article yet, and yes it will take time to reach the ‘next level’ and stay there .Manchester City have thrown millions at making it as one of the European super powers. Without getting near their goal. It is not just about throwing money about willy . A well-run  Club, with steady growth each year with positive investment ,will see us reach the next level and STAY there.

Talking about investment ,we have invested wisely in the first team squad and have built a good squad that can play good football and win matches at the same time .Certainly the envy of none other than Sam Allardyce ,who ruefully remarked and in jest :”David’s, if you are watching  why didn’t you do it for me !”Sure like all Clubs, one or two may disappoint, but that’s football !But when I just think back to just a few years ago, when we let Carlton Cole go ,couldn’t afford another striker. And had to beg Cole to come back, taking us six weeks get to get him fit .Then I think of the likes of Anderson ,Arnautovic, Hernandez ,Yarmolenko ,Perez to name a few, and I realise how far we have come as a Club. I will state my case of which I’m certain .Great days lay ahead for West Ham United ,yes Liverpool was a disappointment but not the end of the world.

Jurgen Klopp has had over four hundred million and four years, to build Liverpool to what they are now ,a team full of pace and power and will be a force in the Premier League this season .It was a daunting task kicking off at Anfield  in the first place ,Liverpool being unbeaten their last season .But we have players that have the ability to hurt not just Liverpool but ANY Club ! We were undone by our midfield .Centre midfield was the problem. You know it ,I know it and I am damn sure Pellegrini knows it !Christ on a bike Ipswich Town sliced through Noble and Wilshere like a knife through butter .Most knew that we needed a top class defensive midfielder and another creative midfielder so did Pellegrini .The problem was Pellegrini had no money left .Not G&S fault ,not Pellegrini’s fault. We spent our  budget and couldn’t raise further funds through players sales ,as a result welcome Carlos Sanchez, certainly  not the ideal situation but better than nothing .I can Sanchez playing a similar role to what Papa Diop  did for the Club  in our promotion year under Big  Sam. A virtual brick wall ,breaking up play and moving the ball on quickly.

No need to write Declan Rice off as a holding midfielder, he will learn a lot from someone like Sanchez .Both Bilic and Pellegrini have pulled Rice at half time, which will have done his confidence no good. The boy needs patience and understanding! .He is still a bloody kid and on a learning curve !West Ham need to sort the centre midfield out once and for all. Time to get real ,time to ditch Mark Noble as a first team regular .Forget the sentimental crap !He is “one of us “ he “bleeds claret and blue “Guess what ?So do we !If you are going to pick a team on that basis, then you and I might as well play for The Club .It comes down to a straight choice  between Wilshere and Noble I am afraid that Wilshere wins every time .But there are times when Wilshere will have to be rested then Noble will play .I would also keep him Club Captain ,especially with so many new faces at the Club .Noble’s off field leadership is going to be vital in the months ahead.

Saturday sees us entertain Bournemouth at The London Stadium. Bournemouth are managed by the very astute Eddie Howe ,a manager I would like to see manage us at some point, But  I fully expect us to be too strong for Bournemouth on Saturday ,no doubt Pellegrini will send out an attacking side .I would go for :


Fredericks-Balbuena -Ogbonna -Cresswell

Rice -Wilshere

Yarmolenko – Anderson

Perez -Arnautovic

When the fullbacks attack Rice would drop deep and cover the full backs. I would give Anderson a free role, it also allows Perez to deop deep and pick up the ball in midfield .Against stronger sides Pellegrini may decide to use Sanchez and Rice together holding .You don’t need me to tell you that we may be light in midfield, but we have the players in the squad to counter that against most. They call Manuel Pellegrini ‘The Engineer ‘ I like and am excited about what he is building at West Ham .I don’t know why but for some reason I really fancy us to win The FA Cup .By the time the next FA Cup Final takes place ,it will be 13 years gone, since we suffered the heart- breaking loss to Liverpool in Cardiff. I remember my Dad saying to me ”Son didn’t we play well ? Players ,fans did The Club proud “I replied “ It is alright playing well ,but I also want to win “At long last we have a squad of players capable of playing well reaching finals and winning them .Keep your eyes on the prize ,time to be truly West Ham United ,time to enjoy the exciting tomorrow’s ! We are more than a football Club ,We’re a way of life !COYI!!


Edited By Alun Cornock.


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