Do we have a right to boo or should we try to be positive…

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Written by English Hammer

Since the early teen years, my brother and I adopted our team “through blood”. With York City, Middlesbrough and Leeds United geographically closest to us as we grew up in the 80’s, none of them felt right. Our parents had relocated at marriage but the bloodline and our accents definitely weren’t local. The natural team to adopt was the finest East London one though our fathers side. These days I married a Cornish person so I’ve relocated even further away from East London for my sins.

Now the reason I write this is because we get a lot of views on forums, podcasts, websites, YouTube, social media etc from fans that physically go week in week out. And you will never know how jealous I am, even when we play as we are right now. My first match, we lost at home to Everton 4-0, but the thrill of the Boleyn sucked me in forever. I was rewarded in my next match when Di Canio scored the goal of the season against Wimbledon from Sinclair’s cross. I had great away days at Leeds, Bradford, Derby, Blackburn, Newcastle etc too

But I thought it important to share an experience I had today. As I rarely make a match. With all the ease of hate particularly in social media (I personally don’t have an account, just view exwhuemployee’s because its public, informative, and downright funny) I think it important all you “regular” attendees to the matches see it from a different perspective.

I digress… I was walking into Sainsbury’s today (like fashion, I don’t think Waitrose has hit Cornwall yet) with my West Ham top on. We obviously weren’t playing, but I just wore it without thinking. And this lady stops me and says “I’m glad you have that on, you’re positive, you may be rooted at the bottom but it will just ‘click’”. She then explained her husband hands a season ticket and DRIVES from Cornwall to every home match. And then in another town today I get stopped by another man in a suit saying “you’re the best dressed person here” who proceeded to talk positively about the Hammers and how “they’ll be alright”. Alas a third time I see a bloke with a hammers top on, we nod and chat, and he beamed positivity too.

I guess my point is, as club fans we can’t all physically be present, but we are national, global and united. If you sift out the toxic (copyright Dave@thewesthamway) and fake social media children who just stir things, yes, we have lost 4 games, but we are West Ham, we still support the Club because its in the veins, and its so nice for me to have met all positive hammers today, maybe that’s because our eyes don’t have to see the dross you lot see week in week out? We all have the right to moan when results and performances are dire, but we need that bit of positivity for those 90 mins, after that Upton Park-type recreated atmosphere we KNOW we can create at the LS, then boo to your hearts content if that’s what is needed. But support the team and stay positive, otherwise….go support millw**l.


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