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West Ham v Liverpool – Match Preview

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Nick Day

So goodbye January, hello February. One superb performance vs Arsenal aside it was a very poor month for us, just when things were looking up. Whilst I didn’t think it was possible we were actually worse against Wolves than against AFC Wimbledon which is a worry as you would have expected some form of reaction after last weekends ritual lower league cup humiliation. Less said about the transfer window the better, however after a significant spend in the summer I didn’t expect there to be much movement in , and to be honest there never seems to be any great value in January. For once we are not involved at the wrong end of the table (yet) , so I see the logic of any budget being retained and used in the summer.

So off the back of 3 abysmal performances we welcome into town those cheeky lovable scousers , going for their first title in an eon . From their perspective I would imagine they will see this as an easy 3 points and given our recent form I would be inclined to agree. However our home form has been decent against the big sides this season ( Man C aside) , so am hoping this trend continues on Monday night .I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that we can severely dent their title charge , and somehow set in motion a plummet down the table . Naturally not resulting in a north london title win.

With our current injury list the team effectively picks itself , am hoping that Cresswell will be back for this one as Masauku vs Salah would result in a towel thrown in within 2 rounds in a boxing contest. Having (for now) sorted out a new contract lets hope that Arnie is back in the side, provided of course its the good Arnie , and not the sulky one as we are a much better team with him in it and will cause the Liverpool back line a lot more issues than an increasingly ineffective Carroll.

Sadly I think they will be too strong for us on the night and just cannot see us keeping a clean sheet, and the odd exception aside they seem to be a lot more solid. That said we do have players to hurt them, they just need to put in a performance. Pellers needs to show he can turn the wobbling ship round so we don’t start getting dragged into the lower regions of the table.

Predicted Line ups :

West Ham United : Fabianski, Fredericks, Diop, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Rice, Noble, Snodgrass, Antonio, Anderson and Hernandez.

Liverpool : Alisson, Robertson, Van Dijk, Matip, Milner, Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Henderson, Mane, Firmino and Salah.

Prediction 0-2


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