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Why has Pellegrini escaped criticism?

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Written by : @FredDWHU

Going into Gameweek 27 we sit tenth, having had an interesting three quarters of a season. We’ve had highs which include beating the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal at home but we’ve also had lows such as the losses at Wolves and Burnley. The teams that are directly above and below us, Everton and Bournemouth, have had their managers’ position questioned recently, so why is Pellegrini escaping this talk?

Pellegrini came into West Ham in the summer and he brought a breath of fresh air to the club. Having won various cups at City a few years prior, we knew that he is the calibre of manager that would be able to take us forward and start challenging for Europe. However, the majority of fans when he came in wouldn’t have expected us to finish in the European slots in his first season in charge, as he needs time to implement his play style and his players into the club. But when the summer window had shut and we’d spent £100 million, the optimism for the upcoming season grew for the fans, as we felt like we had the squad depth and quality that we’d been lacking for the past few seasons.

Fast forward to where we are now; we’re a lot less hopeful of securing a European place – and would take a top ten slot. This is due to our inconsistency all season costing us points here, there, and everywhere.

For example, near the start of the season, we had just beaten Manchester United at home and felt like we could beat anyone. Next up was a trip down to the south coast to face Brighton where most of our fans were massively confident of securing a win. In the end, we went into the game thinking that we were gonna walk it and we got beaten due to our defensive woes and our lack of finishing ability. A few times this season, Pellegrini has been questioned about his tactics and how they cost us the game.

For example, recently against Palace, we went into half time leading 1-0 and playing well enough to push on and get the win. But in the second half, we sat back and let Palace dominate us as we offered little going forward. This, in the opinion of many West Ham fans, was due to Pellegrini telling the team to be more defensive and sit back – which cost us in the end as they should have beaten us 4-1, but somehow it ended as a draw.

This season we haven’t often seen the team sit back like they did against Palace, which is why the players were unfamiliar with what they had to do – and thats why we were terrible in that second half. Pellegrini has to take the blame for that game as he shouldn’t have set the team up for that style if they aren’t confident to play well with it.

However, if we look at the season as a whole, it has been fairly successful as we haven’t been embroiled in a relegation battle like previous seasons and we have been playing an attractive style of football which many say is ‘the West Ham way.’ That’s why fans are happy with Pellegrini. The reason the media haven’t got on his back yet is because the losses we take are usually to mid-table sides, which wouldn’t be picked up by the media, as it’s not a big story, so therefore it goes under the radar.

If we were to lose to relegation stragglers, like Bournemouth and Everton have done often this season, then Pellegrini would be in the discussion to get sacked just like Marco Silva and Eddie Howe have been recently.