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A Look to Next Year: Farewell to the 2018/19 Season

Author: . Published: at 6:44pm

Written by : @daena_bodie

It seems like forever ago that West Ham went through the first four games of the season without a win. The Hammers now sit in 11th, just one point off the top ten, with a result against Watford set to decide that fate. There have been the typical bumps along the way but Pellegrini’s men seem to have made some progress.

While it may not live up to what the fans expected, the club are trending in the right direction. With numerous youngsters having come through, impressive seasons from some of the summer signings, and being free from relegation, it’s a rather refreshing end to the season. It hasn’t all been glitz and glam but it certainly hasn’t been the disaster of 2017/18 either.

However, it is about time we put a strike through this “stable” season and look towards what is to come. The performances over the last few weeks have shown what Pellegrini has in store as he continues to build the squad he wants, and Mark Noble’s comments sum it up perfectly. “I think we’ve made real progress with the way we’ve played this season, in a certain style. Even away to Spurs, we played a certain way.”

“It’s a shame it always seems to end when we’re playing so well. We just hope we can get the three points next week against Watford and finish on such a high,” said the Hammers captain, and he makes a fair point. It’s a shame to see the season end with the club’s form picking up, but after what was a fairly run of the mill season most fans will be expecting more and should be eager to see what develops over the summer and into next season.

It shouldn’t be news to anyone that Pellegrini and Husillos are ready to move early in the transfer window. There are some big names being linked to the club, and when you pair that with the performances of others during the end of season run in, it might not be too naïve of many fans to be excited for the 2019/20 season.

There’s a lot of promise as the manager looks towards his second year in charge and fans shouldn’t forget that Pellegrini joined the club as part of a three-year project. Phase one has seen a complete shift in the clubs footballing brand compared to last season, and the type of players the club are looking for has also changed. Pellegrini doesn’t seem like the type of manager to snap up a Jordan Hugill-esque player on deadline day, which is cause for celebration on its own, no offence Jordan. So what’s not to look forward to?

At the end of the day, this season was ok. But it’s about time to say thank you and goodbye to the 2018/19 season and welcome to the summer window and 2019/20.