A Look Ahead To Our Next 3 Games

Author: . Published: at 10:10am

Written by: George M.

It’s a difficult and depressing time to be a West Ham fan at the moment. Everywhere we look we are reminded of how bad our season is going and most importantly how badly our club is being run and managed. It’s a nightmare situation and it’s in every fans’ dreams that we find our fortunes and get our club back on track. However the situation doesn’t get any easier when considering our next 3 games. The Hammers see an away trip to currently the world’s best team in Liverpool, a vital home tie against the revitalised Southampton and then a London derby at the Emirates against Arsenal. It doesn’t make for pretty reading, but us fans will always back the team to try for the win in each game. Let’s take a look on how likely a much needed and desired win will be.

Liverpool – Away – 24th February

After the 2-0 defeat to Manchester City in our last game it can be said that the loss was met with much more anger and frustration than perhaps if we found ourselves in a different situation. On paper, a 2-0 defeat to Manchester City looks like something that usually wouldn’t have bothered fans considering their world class quality. However, the manner of the defeat showed just how inept David Moyes is in trying to save our season and save the club. The set up showed a complete lack of ambition and fight and made us look like we were just accepting the inevitability of relegation during the most important part of the season. That result and set up gives us no hope whatsoever when facing our next opponents in Liverpool. If Moyes follows the same tactics against the European and soon to be English champions, it will be another game in which the players will continue to be disheartened and lose faith in their manager. This could be an absolute disaster of a game for the Hammers and one which many fans wish we could just forfeit and move on to the next one. The only hope that we have as fans is that we pretty much have nothing to lose in this game apart from damage to our goal difference. If we set up in a way which we can really have a go at Liverpool and show a bit of intent then at least the players can have a little bit of motivation in a pretty much confidence lost squad. David Moyes however will likely take the ‘shut up shop’ option and try and keep the Liverpool goals to a minimum. It kind of makes us fans not want to watch the game which just shows the situation we are currently in.

Southampton – Home – 29th February

This is a must win game. It’s simple as that. The ‘must win game’ term is used a lot in football but you just hope as a fan that during the times where it matters most, the players and manager really know it and show up on the day to win one of the most important games in our season. To many fans, if this game is lost then we take a huge step to confirming our relegation from the Premier League. Southampton aren’t the same team we met in December with the Hammers winning 1-0. Albeit the Saints squad and manager are pretty much the same as last time we met, but with the coaching and managerial prowess of Ralph Hasenhüttl, Southampton have now turned their season round and currently sit on 34 points in 12th place after being in 18th place in December. There is nothing else to say about this game other than we need to win. Let’s hope the squad can stay fit and we field our best XI on the day but with Moyes at the realm it’s hard to say if that will be the reality.

Arsenal – Away – 7th March

By the time this game comes round we hope that we will have at least 3 points on the board. This is not a game where we want to go in to it still desperate for any points. Arsenal are still a bit hit and miss but they are likely to keep improving under Arteta as he continues to put his coaching stamp on their squad. This game is different to the Liverpool game for obvious reasons. Arsenal have a habit of slipping up occasionally if opposing teams show up and fight for a win. Recent West Ham performances seem to show that the fight won’t show up and we will sit back and let Arsenal come at us until they score a goal. A point in this game would be acceptable seeing that it is an away game and a point is hardly an unrealistic ask. Let’s just hope that David Moyes and his players think so too and leave the Emirates with a point or more.