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“He’s not the Messiah…

Author: . Published: at 10:06am

Written by: Nick Moore

So here we are in the bottom three. We’re bottom of the form table (last 8 games) and now we are playing the second and the first teams in the table. We’ve conceded more points from winning positions than any other side in the league.

We are alarmingly open to pace. We are conceding goals from set pieces. We’re the side playing other rubbish teams back in to form (Arsenal, Tottering Hotspuds etc.). We don’t even set out to win against the bigger teams; we just try to keep the score down. In the last game, one Man City player (Rodri) completed more passes as an individual than we did as a team.

We could do with some luck perhaps? But yet two deflected goals against Brighton and we still couldn’t win.

After Liverpool we host Southampton. Many fans see this as a must win game. It’s the league’s eighteenth best home team versus the fifth best side away from home. It’s no gimme.

Since the second coming of the Moyesiah we have won one Premier League game in seven and gone out of the cup to West Brom’s seconds. The new manager bounce lasted two games – Bournemouth and, er, Gillingham. 

Last time Moyes did show a lot of the things we need. He got the players running further. He got the defence more organised (though not that organised). He moved Arnautovic in to the middle which got him scoring and made him more effective. We were more disciplined. Players’ jobs were clearer to them.

Perhaps the Moyes appointment is the owners’ way of admitting they made a mistake – but it’s beginning to look like another one they’ve made.

In ten years of ownership they have had seven managers and overseen five relegation battles. One of which was lost. The first seven West Ham managers take you from 1901 to 1994. The game has changed but nothing about the appointment of managers suggests we are going to get off the merry go round any time soon.

There has never seemed to be a clear sense of what type of manager we wanted or what type of club was trying to be created.   Like many fans I have to put my hands up and say I thought Pellegrini would be a good appointment. But looking back wasn’t it an appointment that protected the board from criticism?

It was even less clear why Moyes was seen as the only option. There are plenty of great out of work coaches who could have been approached, many of whom would have come.

We are no longer an innovative club. There is nothing new coming from the team that invented the near post cross. There rarely seems to be a tactical plan that is being played too. There certainly wasn’t on Wednesday. Nothing was done to disrupt the way City played.

In recruitment of managers, directors of football and players we are hopelessly old fashioned and lazy. We talk too, about the academy but would Josh Cullen have lowered the quality of our midfield? We talk a good game but don’t actually bring players through. It’s a huge time gap between Noble and Rice, the last two academy products to play game in game out.

David Moyes must know his career is on the line. Since he left us he clearly hasn’t been offered any jobs he wants. As a supporter I hope he does it. But Wednesday night was another in a long line of poor dispiriting performances.

Since Roberto entered the fray the whole fabric and confidence of the team has collapsed and at this point shows no sign of recovery. Even though he has gone his ghost can still be seen scaring Masuaku, Diop, Ogbonna, Balbuena, Zabeleta, Fredericks and others.

To get out of this the team has to recover some confidence and composure and work harder. One of the scary things is how easily we give the ball away. Somehow we need to get one of our game changers in to form.

If not we could easily become detached from the pack in the next few games. So don’t rule out playing rush managers by the end of the season and that someone called Kevin will end up in temporary charge.