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Living Rent Free In Tottenham Fans’ Minds

Author: . Published: at 7:08pm

Written by: George Marchant

Sunday night’s 3-3 draw will go down in history as one of the best comebacks in Premier League history. To be losing 3-0 on the 81st minute, it would’ve taken a brave man to bet West Ham would eventually take something away from the game. The manner of Lanzini’s strike really was the icing on the cake and will likely be one of the best goals we see during this Premier League campaign. The Spurs players couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed and slumped to the ground in disbelief. West Ham players and fans were obviously ecstatic, jumping with joy across the country and further afield. However, there was a reaction from a certain group of people that really seemed to catch the attention of everyone associated with the game, the Spurs fans.

We hear it every year we play them, ‘It’s YOUR cup final’ they claim. It’s common as a West Ham fan to know at least one Spurs fan whether through work, school or in dire cases, your family. They love to let us know that they don’t care about the rivalry and that and game they play against us is just as irrelevant as playing any other team except their traditional rivals Arsenal. They see the close proximity and competitiveness between our clubs as nothing more than ‘another game in the calendar’…but do they really?

Sunday’s game was a prime example of their claimed disinterest in the rivalry between the two clubs. As soon as the full-time whistle blew, every West Ham related social media account had rightly uploaded the Lanzini goal to show just how special that comeback was. Within seconds of each post being uploaded the Spurs fans were quick to comment saying things like ‘Tinpot club celebrating a draw like that’ and ‘You didn’t even win your cup final so calm down’. All these comments were flooding in, but we are led to believe they really don’t care that much. Interesting. The comments about West Ham fans being ridiculous for celebrating a draw like that were noticeably fascinating especially when we think back to when Spurs lost 4-3 to Inter Milan but a young Gareth Bale scored a hattrick. Their reaction to that game (a loss…) made it seem like they had actually won the Champions League. Spurs fans often still talk about that night as if it deserves to be engrained on every football fans minds. However, celebrating the latest 3-0 comeback ever recorded in Premier League history is apparently ‘pathetic’ and ‘laughable’.

In games where Spurs don’t bottle leads and do actually beat us, the Spurs fans reactions certainly don’t point towards their claimed lack of care for this fixture. Spurs have a fairly good record against us in all competitions so wins are more frequent than losses. Yet every win they manage to hold on to is made well aware to us West Ham fans which leaves us thinking ‘Who’s cup final actually is it? To amplify this point, Jose Mourinho posted on Instagram saying something along the lines of ‘Do I care about the 3 goals west ham scored against us? No! I only care about the 2 Europa League I have won and Hopefully soon it will be a 3rd’.

Quite a strange response from the manager of a club that tells us they don’t care about our club. Their fanbase lead us to believe that the result has already been forgotten about and that West Ham fans should stop talking about it already.

It’s not hard to realise that Spurs fans obviously do hate it when we spoil their day by either beating them or coming back from 3-0 down in the 81st minute. It obviously still hurts them that we were the ones to become the first team to beat them in their new stadium. It hurts them that year after year, West Ham always turn up to ruin the party in some way or another. If they really didn’t care that much, then why is it even a topic?