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    Today saw the launch of our 3rd kit which may well turn out to be one of those ‘Marmite’ kits, for what it’s worth the highly visible Union Jack aside I really like it, but it got me thinking about kits that I’ve liked and those that from my perspective never really hit the spot.
    Three that I loved were the Ecru (cream/gold) Pony away strip of the 96/97 season, the Di Canio Fila home kit in which he scored ‘that goal’ and the classic away kit of the 1960s, no badge, no sponsorship just the 2 claret hoops.
    Those that I never liked…the Pony home kit by recollection 1996/7, the bubble fabric was ok but it had the most annoying floppy collar, also the old Bukta home kit of 1989/90 which was devoid of all style and I hate to say it but this seasons rehash of last seasons home kit which is just uninspiring, anyway enough of my thoughts so let’s have the thoughts of the forum.

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    Ben Cooper

    I really loved last seasons shirt. And the addidas one from the season before (modelled on the 86 avco) was really nice.
    I think the simpler the better, and that’s why I like the 60s shirts too!

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    I am never a big one for the kits, prefer the white away kit and want the colours to be right, apart from that as I don’t buy them for me I’m not overly fussed.

    However my opinion on this one is it is a thing of beauty! Absolutely love it and it will be donned by myself in 5 aside football for the foreseeable future. People (myself included) don’t mind moaning when they see things wrong with the club, but they need a huge well done on this, with the nod back to history.

    Shame it can’t be used in league games.

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    Ben Cooper

    I have seen a bit of negativity towards the union Jack on the shirt as some people believe it is somehow linked to the Olympics. Perhaps the marketing could have made it clearer that it is in-fact the club’s first ever crest, and a brilliant acknowledgement to the club’s history. Something that is incredibly important as we approach this new chapter.

    I agree with the white away shirts, usually very good.

    Does anyone else tend to buy stuff that is claret and/or blue without necessarily realising why they did it at the time?

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      I do find it amazing that so many fans talk about history and remembering our roots yet would it seems be totally ignorant of the origins of this 3rd kit and in particular the crest which is about as ‘roots’ as it gets and is so fitting for this new turn in the clubs history. The colour of Oxford Blue is just so classy and the perfect tribute to Arnold Hills who originated it as he was indeed an Oxford Blue himself. While the badge relates to the fact that the company was so intrinsically tied in with Government work and the Royal Navy. Indeed there is a strong argument to the fact that it reflected the fact it was the Navy department that saved the company when it fell into financial troubles while trying to complete a navy contract for it financed the company for a time so that it stayed almost literally afloat. If they had not the club would not even be here, so as a one off to reflect that fact it is, is the least we can do and should celebrate that link. It is going to be used for FA Cup matches I note but i wonder if the badge after Sunday may be replaced by the New one so it is available for wider use if required.

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    Personally, I prefer any shirt with a collar. The one Diamanti ripped in half vs Birmingham (i think) was one of my favourites. This TIWFC shirt is the best shirt I’ve seen in a long long time.

    I am also a fan of blue shorts with the Home Shirt! I think it looks far better.

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      Ben Cooper

      I don’t know about the collars. Was not keen on the white collar shirt from (maybe 3?) seasons ago. Although, Vaz te managed to pull it off by wearing the collar up.

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    Haha, yeah I do that.

    I was in USA a couple of weeks back and the Grand Canyon Brewing Company has crossed hammers as a logo – well I don’t need beer glasses but I’m sure as hell going to buy some if they have crossed hammers on them.

    On a side point, I have never and would never drink Holsten Pils or buy a Sharp TV. I can’t be the only one who stays away from certain companies products due to the connection to rival clubs?

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      Ben Cooper

      Can’t say I have. In-fact I feel that, in the one case of Chang beer, it’s the opposite. I haven’t tried it but feel that I would be more likely to select it if there was a choice between a few. Just because of the football link really, not thinking of Everton.

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